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Private Jet Charter is a company which offers air charter services to personal or business clients all over the world. This company has a website but at the beginning it had some imperfections. Once our team was requested to analize and modify it in order to make it more effective and usable. But there was one condition that everything should be done in the context of present design. 


The main task was to improve that website. At the beginning we should have analyzed all this resource taking into account usability, technical side, visual perception etc. Besides, it was necessary to promote this website and increase conversion. We offered to redesign the website but the owner refused. So we had to modify it without changing colors using present style. 



At first our analysts began to check all the details of this website including content, HTML analysis, quality of pictures etc. They found weaknesses which should be removed. Then we wrote a business proposal showing those disadvantages. Besides, our specialists implemented full SEO audit. 

When the representative of that company coordinated all the details, our prototyper started to create possible variants of main and basic pages.

Everything was developed in the framework of present design. We modified this website as the owner wanted. After that it was improved and began to get more requestes than earlier.


Our team managed to improve this website. After modifications this web resource began to make more profit. Conversion was increased by 25%. 

Moreover, this company began to meet refusals less than before. The website became more effective and useful for clients. The owner of this web resource was pleased with our work and wrote good response.

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