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Ovamo is a company in Moscow which make outdoor advertisements. It offers many interesting services at the highest level. The team of this company can make excellent posters and other types of advertising. However, in order to be more famous it should promote the website. Our team helped this company with SEO and attracted many customers.  


Our team was to move this website up to the TOP of several search engines. Thus it should have attracted many clients from the Internet. We decided to do this with the help of Zexler technologies and made this brand more recognizable among customers.After discussing several nuances or team got down to business.



Our analystsdid great work. They had got together all possible queries. Then specialists sorted them and kept only 2490 queries from 12384 ones. After that we filled this web resource with effective articles. Every day we worked with this website in order to attract new clients.

Moreover, we addedcompany's work on the website to show people their advantages. In addition, we wrote reviews on the other websites in order to show this company's services there.

We did everything in detail and soon people began to recognize this brand.



We had been working with Ovamo during 9 months but the results were showed even in 2 weeks.

We put 180 articles on this website, moved it up to the TOP in Yandex and Google. We could attract target audience which was interested in thes services. Thanks to such optimization this brand became recognizable among people. 

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