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Every small or big company must have a website now. In particular, it concerns those organizations which sell something. There is one food company called Zefooder that sells special products wholesale. It offers flour, oil, honey, and other agricultural products. So, there are a lot of goods that should be presented to potential buyers through a new website. It is really possible to boost sales if people are possible to click e.g. on an image of gluten-free flour and ask to deliver it to their houses. We could develop such a website with a catalog and useful functions and we have done it.


A website with a catalog should be user-friendly in order to have an opportunity to buy in several clicks. It was necessary to think thoroughly about navigation and the advantageous presentation of every product. Nothing must be lost. The main aim is to give a user an opportunity to find and buy what he or she wants. The structure, design, images, the text must inspire to buy with the help of this website.


Simple steps lead to a big deal. Our team also goes towards the aim little by little. At first, we thought about conception. Secondly, we chose an appropriate CMS for an online shop. The third step was a prototype and design of the website. Then we got to know all the catalog of that company and its advantages. All products were added to a the new website with fresh and attractive pictures and descriptions.

Proper attention was given to the home page because it is the “face” of an online shop. There are bright banners, popular products and advantages of Zefooder. Any user can read about this company and buy quality goods quickly. Another useful side of this website is the blog where a visitor can learn information concerning farming and products.


We have developed a good website with many opportunities for users. The client was pleased with its realization. Now, it is possible to catch buyers who prefer to order online. The tasty website attracts attention and induces hungry visitors to purchase presented farming products.

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