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Valerie Company sews exclusive custom-made curtains, venetian blinds, ledges and other items. There are also services of design development, fabric selection for an individual order etc. The director of this company addressed us in order to develop a website with usable catalogue and demonstration of their works.  


We had got a very clear task for web development. The web site had to have attractive design, useful catalogue with all products, filters for quick searching and a block with finished works.We dicussed this idea and desided to use Drupal for creating a good website because it is quite understandable and easy-to-use. Very often many clients don't know what they want to get from a new website. But in this case everything was clear. So after discussion we started to create a new product.


We had been developing this website for two months. All steps were discussed with the director. It is great when a client is easy-going and participates in web development. Such collective work leads to very good results. 

Our prototyper made a mockup taking into account SEO. Then we began to develop design and introduce it in the website. At first there was a simple but usable header. Then we placed a block with description of this company. Below every visitor can see company's works and photos of the team. 

After that we made a page with full catalogue. So every customer can choose any product and make an order. We also added pages with useful materials, contacts, team, services etc.


Eventually, we have done a very good website. It could attract new customers in a week after launching. This company reached a new level and increased sales. The owner of the company was pleased and we too.

We could addapt this website for SEO-optimization and it began to increase profit of the company. 

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