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There is one professional beauty shop women, men and children. Once the owner of this salon addressed to us and asked to make such a website which would attract new custmers. This beauty shop has been working during several years and has positive reputation. But in spite of this it was desirable to increase sales with the help of the website.


Our main task was not only to create a new website but use the most modern landing with admirable design. Our client wanted to arrive at a new level and increase sales. The aim was quite clear and immediately we got down to business. As usual we worked as a close-knit team of enthusiastic professionals. It helps us to achieve good results.


At first we were thinking and thinking about a solution. When we had some ideas, our prototyper made a magnificent prototype which became a basis for the overall website. The landing page consisted of several blocks. One of the best parts is its header. Every visitor can see a beautiful girl who changes her look. It is like a miracle that attracts every potential client.

Then we added a block with information about employees with photo. Besides, we showed a block with equipment which is used by workers in order to make excellent beauty treatments. There are also examples of works and advantages of the company.

At the end we added some pictures, a map and contact information.


The result exceeded our expectations. Our team has made the excellent landing page. It really attracts customers' attention. But the most important thing is that our client was really pleased with this website. 

Soon this website could have attracted two times more clients than earlier. It increased sales of the company.

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