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Every opportunity to help children should be realized. One company called World Children Union is on the path to it. WCU is interested in protecting children’s rights to education and tries to unite people to inspire and help kids. To spread this idea, the company asked us to develop a website with an opportunity to demonstrate its activity and give people a chance to help children through this web resource. The conception of this charitable organization is clear, and we had to think about how to make their aims more comprehensible for people.


The website of the charitable organization should be motivated. It is possible to get it through design, website structure, texts, and functionality. Everything should be clear for visitors and it can be achieved by simple navigation. The advantage of this project was in communication with the client. Everything was agreed quickly. WCU members helped to create a really good website which complies with its initial goals. We all set ourselves the aim and began to achieve it step by step.


The first step after thinking of the conception was making the framework. This draft with the future website structure was agreed on this stage and became a foundation. It was a black-and-white and initial picture of the website which then came into a colorful masterpiece with the help of the designer. There are a lot of children, their activity, bright colors and motivated quotes framed in soft tints. All the pages are in the same style.

Everything was made for visitors and potential contributors. They can get information about WCU and quickly donate if they want. Donation is available on every page thanks to the button in the header. The website is in English but also available in French. Our developers have made accessible functions for donations, communication through the website and other useful things for users.


The international company has an online card with an opportunity to get a donation from those people who also want to help children.

The simple structure, information about the company, motivated content and an easy way to become a contributor continue the charitable mission of the World Children Union.

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