3D-modeling for a motel with 11 rooms

Every person who travels a lot by car needs resting after a long road. The Kraus Company knows it and offers ready-made buildings for hotels, motels etc. One of them is a motel with 11 rooms. It’s very important for future owners to know how it looks. That is why Kraus decided to place 3-models of its products on its website. We were chosen as the makers of this presentation.


The objective is quite simple but realization has many steps. The aim was to show the motel to website visitors who could become potential buyers. The 3D-model is a sample of the motel which can be rotated 360 degrees. A purchaser can examine everything before buying even without leaving his or her house.


After discussing the idea and other needs and requirements with the client, our designer commenced to make pictures on the basis of a draft. It was necessary to show everything in detail in order to realize appearance of the motel with 11 rooms.

Every image was made thoroughly and was directed to understanding of this product. Thanks to them website visitors could see all advantages of the motel. That’s why the designer showed inner things such as beds, cupboards, tables, bathrooms etc. and also what is located outside e.g. parking.

When pictures were ready, our developer intruded them to the website and a new 3D-model appeared for potential purchasers. Now, everybody can see the motel with 11 rooms in three dimensions.


One more page with an opportunity to observe the offered product from every side and angle.

The motel is presented and ready to be bought by any future owner.

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