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How a company can be individual except bearing its unique name? The point is a logotype. It concerns every organization, computer program or an online service. We have got a request to create a logo for one video editor. It was assumed that the editor is going to work online for any user. The task for our designer was to show its conception through a logotype. The idea to create an online video editor is very interesting and its logo must be the same.


There were several preferences about a new logo which coincided with our designer’s idea. The logotype should be very bright, have the name of the company (i.e. Pixiko), and reflect that it is an online version. A few requests for such a big service. The concept was quite comprehensive and our designer began to realize it, adding his own features. Pixiko came closer to its big aim day after day not without our help.


Pixiko is the service where users can edit their content. The designer has reflected this conception using puzzles in a logotype. The mosaic shows that people can make content from several parts and create a whole picture through the website.

Another interesting feature of the logo is a cursor. This symbol shows the opportunity to edit online i.e. directly on this website. There were a lot of samples of different color and tints but the final version is multicolored one. It is the green-yellow-blue-red logotype. The designer showed how this logo can be used on stationery, documents, cards etc.

After that our specialist created a favicon and versions which will be used as watermarks. The logotype looks well both on black or white background. It is bright, attractive and memorable for users.


The logotype of Pixiko looks attractive. It reflects the conception of this online service.

It is vivid, rich, and lively image that is quite memorable for people. The final version has determined the colors of the future website.

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