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Sadovoe hall is a banquet room in the center of Moscow. It has stylish interior, panoramic windows, perfect cuisine and particular attention to details. The website of such great place must be also at a high level. The client told us about some preferences and asked to develop multilanding in three directions: weddings, New Year’s corporative parties and other holidays.


We had a challenging task for this organization. Every landing page had to be unique one with specific background. All of them should have modern and impressive design and ability to change font color. Moreover, the administrator panel was to be understandable and with directions for use. 


We thought about a solution collectively. Every member of our team worked professionally. Then our prototyper materialized our idea in 4 landing pages: the home page and pages for weddings, corporative parties and other holidays. As usual our designer turned the prototypes into beautiful models.

Our developers added different sliders and useful bottoms. We also introduced an attractive feedback form. Every bottom had unique color composition; every picture was in a style of a particular holiday. It attracts customers’ attention and leaves positive impression.

We developed the administrator panel for the owner of the website in order to have an opportunity to fill it in the future. Everything was created with enthusiasm and it reflects on the renew website.

We have made an effective website and increased its conversion. Now Sadovoe hall has at least 3-5 orders a day from the Internet. It successes in spite of that we used only contextual advertising and no other methods of promotions.

The most important thing is that everyone likes this website. And there is no exception. We carried out all the tasks and even more. As a result, the client was very glad to have an effective and awesome website.

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