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One Moscow company asked our team to create a new website which can help to make a profit. Metservisplus cuts and sells metal from stock or individually. It has its own powerful equipment for metal cutting and a constant supplier of metal production. We should make such a website which can attract customers and increase sales.


Our aim was to create landing pages that make a profit. The website was to extend services of this company and provide Metservisplus with many orders. Thus it had to attract a flow of clients who want to use metal cutting or are interested in buying some finished products.


At first all our team took into account the area of focus. We always think of the notion at the beginning of the work. In this case we decided to choose modest and modern design for landing pages that can make a profit.  

Our specialists used moderate ways to attract customers’ attention to the products and services of this company. In the beginning we showed some advantages of Metservisplus. Then there was the catalogue with main services and some information about its constant partner. It allowed increasing orders of finished products.

We added a price list which had individual style. The page also contained step-by-step directions for making an order. It is a very useful decision for those customers who buy something through the website for the first time.


Several weeks later our team materialized a very modest and impressive solution. The client was pleased with our work. One month after launching the website, the company increased its profit by 13 %! The number of requests increased by 70 %! Moreover, the website became one of the top 20 most popular ones in the search engine.

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