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There is one company that solves the questions about real estate. Once they asked us to develop such design for their website which must make a profit. It was quite a difficult but challenging task. We were to promote the internet recourse via its design. It should attract new customers and increase sales.


We had certain requirements for this solution. The design should have the same color as the company used to have; the style was to be light but with elaborated and motivating pictures. It could be said that the most important aim was to create design with high conversion for this website.


At first we renewed the logotype of this company. Partially our team changed the colors. Then we redesigned the home page for comfortable usage by the customers. We altered the website header and simplified navigation.

Our specialists also added a new block. It contained the information about three steps for making a request. We also used a button which motivates visitors to get a quote.

There were several buttons and forms that could stimulate clients to do something on the website. Our team placed a block with deals to the home page in order every visitor can see it. After renewing the home page we began to transform others.


Our team coped with that task. We created such design that could attract new clients. Everything was done according to preferences of the website owner. The task was challenging but we succeeded.

The renewed website got higher conversion and could get more orders. The aim was achieved and the client was pleased. And it is the most important thing for us.

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