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7 methods: How to make money on your blog?

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We all can do it. We all can start developing our blog which will reflect our ideas, thoughts and different issues. But in the blogosphere, especially among professional bloggers, it is very difficult to stay afloat and to earn money through it.

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That’s how you launch a Facebook retargeting campaign in 3 steps

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This one Internet marketing tool gained popularity in the US, but not many other countries dared to implement it in their online strategy. Retargeting is a great way to get back the clients that already visited your site and viewed your products, but left without taking an action. But they still are capable of making a purchase since they looked for something you offer in the first place.

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What you need to know about email marketing in 2017

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If you’re looking for a relatively cheap and effective way to approach your target audience, email marketing may be the right choice for you. The key to effective communication with your current and potential customers is the right structure of your emails. It’s not enough just to make up a letter and send it. In 2017 you need to be aware of every little detail that can directly influence the results of your email marketing campaign.

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What to do with bad reviews about your business on the Internet?

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Reviews are dangerous. They don’t have to be downright negative to damage your self-esteem and influence the profits of your business on the Internet. Sometimes even neutral comments can make a business seem untrustworthy for potential customers.

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6 elements of a successful B2B marketing strategy

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What company would not want to know the exact time their goods or services will be bought? To predict the exact time of the purchase it is impossible. However, there are certain periods of time when each person is open to receiving new information and actively reacts to it. The right message at the right time in the right place is exactly what will enhance your strategy of inbound marketing. A successful strategy in this case should consist of the following 6 elements:

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Create a name for your brand in 7 steps

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Creating a name for your brand requires a certain kind of magic. You have too much on stake: after all, the name is the first thing people learn about your business. There must be a perfect name out there. It resonates with consumers, makes you stand out among others on the market, is likely to survive after many years to come. And it takes you 10 steps to find it.

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Instagram for business: how do you make it work?

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Instagram is gaining popularity and is now a useful tool to approach your target audience covering a large number of users. But many people are still unsure how to use Instagram for business and if their business needs an account at all. Others wonder what they should publish and what they should not.

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LinkedIn Audience Network has launched

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LinkedIn has declared the launch of a new advertising network Audience Network that allows advertisers to show ads to users of social media on third-party sites and in applications.

LinkedIn had already initiated releases of Audience Network in 2008 and in 2015. The last one is a reworked version of the advertising network with a relying on mobile and native advertising. Now LinkedIn Audience Network gives advertisers more control and more extensive statistics.

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10 Best Tools for working with email-lists

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Email marketing is one of the most effective instruments of the Internet marketing for business. It is personalized act of sending commercial messages by email typically to a group of customers with their consent. Today email marketing is the strongest and most successful approaches in any business sphere.

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