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Facebook is testing a new advertising format

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Vice-president of the Association for Local Search in the US Wesley Young noticed that Facebook is testing a new format of advertising - local notifications which are based on predictive targeting.

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Google AdWords adds landing page support in AMP format

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The Google AdWords team announced the launch of support for accelerated mobile pages (AMP) landing pages in ad campaigns. The feature will be affordable to all advertisers within 2 weeks, but so far only for textual contextual ads.

According to AdWords, every extra second of downloading a website reduces conversions by 20%. So if a client visits pages with slow downloads you lose the potential for traffic, interaction and sales. Therefore, AMP which are loaded instantly can help you with this problem.

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Bing Ads suggests bid adjustments based on campaign data

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Bing Ads has included offers for remarketing bid adjustments to the Opportunities tab. Bid adjustment offers will be based on advertisement productivity and performance information.

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Google AdWords is testing a new version of the auto-add feature

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In the beginning of 2017 Google AdWords launched a new program “Added by AdWords”. The system automatically added ads to advertiser accounts, and participants of the program did not control this procedure.

Now Google initiated a beta test which took into account all the disadvantages identified in the first test. As in the previous test the system will take into account factors including the content of ads, extensions and landing pages in order to determine which content of advertising is better for the ROI.

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10 Best Tools for working with email-lists

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Email marketing is one of the most effective instruments of the Internet marketing for business. It is personalized act of sending commercial messages by email typically to a group of customers with their consent. Today email marketing is the strongest and most successful approaches in any business sphere.

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Dynamic Search Ads of Bing are available to all USA advertisers

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Bing’s Dynamic Search Ads can be used by all advertisers in USA. Its testing process has started from the last year.

These advertisements allow advertisers to make and create advertisement units which are based on the website content. It is very easy in a usage – when you are writing an advertisement copy, Bing creates the headline and chooses the best and the most appropriate landing page which based on the query. Bing uses machine learning algorithms to combine suitable pages with appropriate searches.

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Facebook starts selling in-stream

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Now Facebook allows for advertisers to buy advertising in-stream format in social networks and Facebook Audience Network. The advantage of this innovation is that advertising will be shown in videos that are already watched by users and will be played with turned on sound.

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How to get more likes on Facebook?

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How to get more likes on Facebook?

More likes – more clients. More clients – more likes. That is the main connections in any business in the digital era. Even in offline world if you have more recommendations and sympathies you will get more customers for your business. But how you can make it in online sphere? How to create the best Facebook page and receive many-many likes? Follow these easy 10 tips which we selected especially for you!

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Affiliate Marketing: How does it work?

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Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest ways and forms of online or offline marketing. Do you remember when you recommended your friend to buy a special product which you liked? And can you imagine that only after this recommendation if your friend will buy the product or just will come to the shop - you will get paid a commission?

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