Website Modifications
in Salem

We upgrade and modify your website to make your business more profitable.

  • Increasing convertion rate
  • Attracting new paying customers
  • Increase in usability

Do you have a project? Let’s do it together!

Website modification is a good way to show your company as the best one and increase your sales. Zexler helps to improve your website and makes it more useful, beautiful, effective and multifunctional.

Depends on your requirements
Time Frame: 
from 1 day to 2 months
Your website will be more effective and modern!

Let's expand your
business together!

Modifications make a website more interesting and useful

We improve your website and make it sell

Modifications for increasing your sales. Site visitors become clients
We will tell you about necessary and recommended modifications and provide consultation concerning any questions
Such modification informs clients about your goods approaches and services advantages
Ordering goods and services
Everyone sees services and goods on your website and wants to buy them
Everything is for your customers
Customer-oriented website interface will be easy-to-use and well-considered
Everyone will find the answer
All users’ questions about your products will be answered on the Internet

Analysis and a free business proposal for you

Advantages of modifications

Modifications are a good way to show your company's advantages and increase your sales. A website with information blocks, useful forms and buttons, qualitative content and pictures can attract more customers than simple plain pages. We help to put your website in order, make it multifunctional and more popular among customers. In order to get it, we can:

  • Redesign pages;
  • Modify a main page;
  • Add motivating blocks;
  • Put forms for quick feedback;
  • Add useful and interesting content;
  • Make a website more usable etc.

Thorough analysis

In order to determine what exactly is necessary too be changed in your website, we analyze it right after your request. Our specialists pay attention to all details, bring out disadvantages and defects. Most often websites need the following modifications:

  • Redesign for a main page (if it is simple and unattractive now);
  • Changing in navigation in order to make it more usable;
  • Addition of motivating blocks with your company's advantages;
  • Introduction of Contact forms;
  • Structurization of a catalogue;
  • Addition of qualitative pictures and photos;
  • Filling a website with attractive and useful information etc.

A business proposal for free

Right after the analysis we write a business proposal. We take into account your budget and first of all show necessary modifications. Such proposal helps to understand what must be changed in order to attract potential customers and make more profit. We point out the following information:

  • A list of all modifications;
  • Price of them;
  • Why it is necessary to use them;
  • Examples of such modifications on other websites which we have created;
  • Recommendations from our point of view;
  • What will we do.

What we do in order to improve your website

Working team

After giving a consent to modify your website we immediately get down to business. We have a big team of experiened specialists. All of them help to make new blocks and improve the website. Depending on complexity of modifications a certain staff takes part in development. They can be:

  • A project manager;
  • An analyst;
  • A prototyper;
  • A designer;
  • A developer;
  • A content manager;
  • A copywriter.

Working process

First of all, our manager discusses our ideas with you. Then a specialist begins to make prototypes for future blocks. Next, we ask your opinion concerning the prototypes. After that, our designer create attractive and unique design in style of your website. Developers make front-end web development and put new blocks on pages.

  • Every step is discussed with you;
  • All your ideas and wishes are taken into account;
  • If you don't want to change design, we do everything in present style;
  • We work according to agreement where we write price, deadline and other terms.

Professional team

for your website

Work at the highest level

Hire us

Advantages of using modifications

Profitable upgrade

We compose a business proposal with a list of modifications for main and inner pages. We modernize new information blocks whuch increase conversion rate and website usability. All blocks will motivate potential customers to purchase. The main goal for upgrading your website is to promote it and attract many customers.

  • Your website will become more attractive;
  • Customers will like it;
  • They will trust you;
  • People will want to cooperate with you;
  • As a result, you will make an additional profit.

A perfect website from Zexler

Addressing to our company, you will certainly get a perfect website. Our specialists will do everything at the highest level. We always take into account client's desire and requirements because it is very important to work as he or she really wants. Eventually, every our client was pleased with our work.

  • Modifications according to an bilateral treaty;
  • Every step is discussed with you;
  • Every block is intended to sell;
  • Potencial customers like it and want to buy your goods or services.
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