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Team experience and proficiency provide the highest level of service. A custom website with advanced functionality to custom fit your needs

  • Effective and fresh design
  • Enhanced usability by means of Drupal
  • Continuous client support

Do you have a project? Let’s do it together!

Custom websites are a good solution for those companies which want to become more popular and attract a great number of new customers. We are ready to help you and create the best website in th world!

from 500$
Time Frame: 
2-3 weeks
An effective website with beautiful design, motivating buttons, contact forms, useful information

Let's expand your
business together!

A website that turns your visitors into clients

Every element of the website is thrashed out. The clients will use your products more and more

Web development aimed to sell. Site visitors become clients
Subscriptions increase client call flow
This solution informs clients about your goods approaches and services advantages
Ordering goods and services
Services and goods appear on your website and attract customers
Everything is for your customers
Customer-oriented website interface will be easy-to-use and well-considered
Everyone will find the answer
All users’ questions about your products will be answered on the Internet.

We sink into your business and develop a concept for your website

We deliberate all the nuances about your products and clients with you

A website for sales and development of your business must be polished up according to your products/solutions. Besides, it should answer clients’ questions and concerns. That is why we ask you about the key moments in detail (e.g. during a meeting with a cup of coffee in our office):


  • What you sell: goods, services or something else;
  • Key directions of goods/solutions: what range from different goods and services you want to offer, what moments should be emphasized;
  • What are the main directions for earning: sales, installation, delivery etc.;
  • Price segmentation of your product;
  • Your key competitors: what peculiarities they have and what they use for special offers;
  • Client type: natural person, legal entity or their combination;
  • FAQ: what the guarantee? Is it new? Do you have delivery services?
  • Frequently clients’ objections.

We model behavior of your clients

After deliberation of all the key moments and some features of your business we model behavior of your potential clients. Then we do the following:

  • Single out groups of potential clients;
  • Describe a portrait of your client: gender, age, size of business;
  • If you have already had your website and used Google Analytics (Yandex.Metrika), we analyze the current users;
  • Single out basic concerns and wishes for every group of clients;
  • Analyze competitors’ websites paying attention to their key moments and sales models;
  • Study search queries, which will be used by your clients, to single out important features of behavior on your site.

We create a sales concept for satisfying your clients’ demands

Modeling of your clients’ possible behavior and questions, we develop a sales concept for your online business. It has answers to clients’ concerns and questions. In such a way they begin to buy only your products. We do the following:

  • Emphasize answers to frequently asked questions;
  • Handle answers to every client’s concern;
  • Create motivational slogans for your solutions;
  • Describe basic structural blocks of your website;
  • Make demands on design and development of your website.

The developed and attractive website

Designed for sales of your products

Develop a website

Prototyping is a clear and structural way to present your products

Types of pages and elaboration according to marketing channels

We create different types of pages according to various content structures of solving your business tasks.

It is very important that at this stage we elaborate website structure according to marketing key channels such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), SERM ( Search Engine Reputation Management), and Contextual Advertising. It helps to attract clients from the first day.

  • Specification of priority marketing channel and requirements of the website;
  • Highlighting of key moments;
  • Description of necessary structural field for marketing.

The structure of pages and the website which motivates clients to buy

On the basis of user stories and purposes of a page, we create its structure which motivate your potential customer to do something: to make an order, to call, to get a quote etc. The structure is elaborated and coordinated according to every type of pages.

At this stage we elaborate key navigation blocks: top menu (header), side bar menu, filters, bottom menu (footer), and other additional elements.

  • Development of the structure of every page;
  • Taking into account all nuances and details which can help to sell;
  • Creation of navigation that lead to some customers’ targeted actions;
  • Development of the linking structure among pages;
  • Accentuation of landing pages.

Everything is thought out in detail

Your website will be elaborated in detail to the maximum

Develop your website

Impressive design is a good way for selling your solutions

Fascinating design of the home page

Our designers will create stylish and informative design on the basis of a prototype of the home page. It will accentuate some features of your website. Design is completely personalized to your business. We take into account your brand and style of the company.

Design is necessarily coordinated with you.

  • Easy and understandable design for your clients;
  • We develop design for your audience using stylistic elements of social groups;
  • Detailed work with every icon, button, field etc.

Design of the pages with your services or goods is separately elaborated landing

In the context of a prototype of the pages with your services or goods (for online shop) we create design in the format of a capture page. We elaborate separate motivators, which highlight advantages of your solutions, for every product.

  • We create colorful pictures of your product;
  • We elaborate and insert step-by-step motivational blocks which stimulate to make an order;
  • We polish up every button, block and other elements on your website.

Design of separate basic pages such as about us, our team, production, delivery and payment

Such basic pages as about us, our team, production, delivery, payment, and portfolio are key and the most attended ones. They motivate clients to buy your products. That is why they are elaborated according to your business individually.

  • We present your team in a good way. Your clients understand that they buy from real people;
  • Customers feel your existence. It is better to buy in show rooms, offices and shops;
  • We emphasize the guarantee of clients’ savings. People pay with pleasure when they are sure of safety of their money.

Individual design
developed for sale

Spectacular design for the entire website

Get the best design

Programming and front-end; we develop and put your site on the Internet

Technical structure with a usable and flexible administrator panel and developed SEO

We create the technical structure (semantic core) in the context of prototypes of pages. We develop separate fields for every element. It allows working with website very quickly and comfortably.

At this stage we elaborate technical elements for SEO and social marketing: the link among types of materials, navigation menus, fields for meta tags, social media widget, site map, robot.txt etc.

  • Every element of the website is located in the separate block;
  • Every logical idea is in separate material;
  • Filters, maps and navigation menus work in optimal modes;
  • The infrastructure is made for marketing.

Front-end web development work correctly in all browsers and mobile devices

Your online resource must work correctly and be used on any devices: PC, tablets, smartphones. For this purpose our team of web developers and front-end developers can make source code of your website. It becomes optimal according to productivity and is adapted to computers and mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

  • We optimize your website to different screen sizes;
  • We make front-end web development for all popular browsers;
  • Your website will be available for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Asus and other smartphones and tablets.

Test for correct functioning of all the website systems

At the end we necessarily test all the systems of the website. At this stage our testers check submission forms, web front-end in different browsers and devices, availability of carts and order forms (for online shops), and clickable elements.

The developed website
is only for your business

Perfect technical development of your website

Develop your website

Filling with content is a good way to describe your products which you sell

Marketing description of your goods or services is 100% motivation for purchasing

We develop separate landing pages, which can be excellent objects for advertising, for every solution of your business. It helps to turn visitors into your potential clients.

  • Marketing description of goods and services must be elaborated; it should take into account clients’ concerns and wishes;
  • Personalized motivators for every product, which is elaborated on tidy icons and descriptions;
  • Qualitative digital images which show visualization of your goods and services (3D models, picture and photo editing, image and video making).

Motivational descriptions of basic pages such as about us, our team, production, delivery and payment

Such basic pages as about us, our team, production, delivery, payment, and portfolio are usually the most attended ones. They are responsible for contact between you and your customers.

Your clients begin to trust you with the help of them. That is why it is so important to think out descriptions and graphics (photos, videos, presentations etc.).

Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

Servise: Effective graphic elements, 3D images, an individual style ...
Servise: Client attraction, TOP positions, good reputation ...
Servise: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn ...

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