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We create catchy design for your website which can gain your clients' confidence. An individual concept for your business!

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Web design aimed to sell. Site visitors become clients
Subscriptions increase client call flow
This solution informs clients about your goods approaches and services advantages
Ordering goods and services
Services and goods appear on your website and attract customers
Everything is for your customers
Customer-oriented website interface will be easy-to-use and well-considered
Everyone will find the answer
All users’ questions about your products will be answered on the Internet

Design Objectives:

Directed at customers and the result

Main directions

A meeting with a cup of coffee is the best way to start a discussion. Our main objective is to increase your sales. We always study the targeted audience in detail. It influences on the development of sales infrastructure on the Internet. To achieve this goal we ask everything in detail, concentrating on key moment:

  • What you sell: we pay attention to the characteristics of the promoted goods and services;
  • Design preferences: we take into account your requirements and preferences about website design;
  • Key directions of goods/solutions: what range from different goods and services you want to offer, what moments should be emphasized;
  • What are the main directions for earning: we focus on these moments on the pages for sale;
  • Price segmentation of your product;
  • Your key competitors: what peculiarities they have and what they use for special offers;
  • Client type: natural person, legal entity or their combination;
  • The audience at which the design is directed: we use anchor images which are understandable to your audience.

A detailed study of the audience

The study of your potential customers will help to understand their behavior and perception. It can be used during creation of the website. We will make a structure of the website according to the features of your potential customers.

We define social groups: businessmen, tourists, parents etc.

  • We determine some characteristics of each group: colors that stimulate to act, a style for information presentations;
  • We select tools for every group: graphics solutions that necessarily will catch clients’ attention;
  • We analyze your competitors’ websites in order to make your presentation more advantageous.

The concept is hard work

After the preparatory work we will take all papers for our agreement and sign the contract. It contains key points of our work. Then our designers will start working immediately.

  • We develop individual design, color compositions, and special style;
  • We give the definition of forms of work with each group of customers, using the elements which aim at every social group;
  • We structure the entire scope of work: dates, the number of pages and other things that require individual design;
  • We describe all the obligations in detail including deadlines while signing the contract.

A design to boost your sales

We know how to make a catchy web design

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Prototyping; the whole website in one style


The first step to make a full-fledged design of your website is prototyping of the pages. This process represents systematically structured front-end which helps to assess the functionalities of each page, key element and the whole style.

There are some key moments for good prototyping:

  • Creation a general idea of supplying information about your offer;
  • Identification of key points for design of each page;
  • Selection of elements which can be contributed to the promotion of your goods or services.

A home page is a face of your website

Prototyping starts with a home page. Usually it has many functions. The visitors’ first impression is given by the main page of the website. Generally it is the page that visitors look more often than other pages. If they like it, they become sure in your company and your offer. That is why you can place there your best goods or services. We can do the following things for your website:

  • Create a logical concept of your home page;
  • Adapt the information to the targeted audience;
  • Arrange all the elements in perfect order;
  • Insert memorable pictures of your products and your activity.

From the structure to filling

After your approval for the prototype we will develop design of the home page. We use all the latest trends for this page. The main objective is to induce a client to click on the button and buy your goods or services right here and right now.

We advise using the following things on your home page:

  • The best offers of your company;
  • Emphasis of motivational details;
  • Catchy and esthetic design.

Graphic elements for inspiring to buy

A visitor wants to buy your goods or services right now!

Customers see and buy

Development of the internal design

Design of your home page is a starting point of the whole site

Design of the home page approved by you will become a template for other pages. We will use some of those elements and blocks in order to keep to the same style of the website. Every picture will motivate to do some actions e.g. calling. 

We are ready to offer you:

  • Mutual approval of home page design;
  • Reapproval;
  • Giving the green light for the rest of the work.

Prototyping of the internal pages

Prototyping of the internal pages can accelerate the process of their registration as well as revising all the blocks and proposed solutions. We will create a single-page front-end web development for every category of pages.

We can offer you:

  • Creation of the basic prototypes for every category of pages and type of material (product cards, papers etc.);
  • Approval of the prototypes;
  • Transfer to the design.

Development of the basic pages “about us”, “contact”

The pages with your company contacts, history, and activities are very important. They can help to get in contact with your potential customers. That is why we always fill these pages not only with information but with motivation to cooperate.

We can offer you:

  • Creation of the pages prototypes;
  • Test of motivational elements;
  • Approval of the prototypes;
  • Transfer to the design.

Up-to-date keys to success

To show advantages among your competitors, it is necessary not only to use some unique solutions but to move forward in an up-to-date manner. 3D objects and animated images have become a flavor of modern websites. They allow customers to “twirl” their purchases in hand as well as provide with excellent interactivity which drew them into your site. We offer to do the following:

  • Define rational use and purpose of different types of charts;
  • Coordinate the places for usage;
  • Develop and put the concept into practice.

An excellent presentation is your advantage for selling

We will do everything for your website at the highest level

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Never too much of a good thing

Text can also be aesthetically attractive

In order to sell your products successfully you should know when to stop. Today there is a tendency to reduce the amount of text and use more images and videos. Prototyping allows unifying creation of the content of every specific category of pages. Our managers create informative and “delicious” content about your products to describe what you sell.

Our team can offer you:

  • Creation of aesthetically attractive content;
  • Unified content of pages;
  • Emphasis of the benefit of your proposals and cooperation with your company.

Technical creativity for increasing your sales

Technical specialists in Zexler studio are ready to create developed design and improve the structure of your website at the same time. Making an order in our company you will get a totally new website polished up for making a profit for you.

We can work at the following:

  • The structure of the website;
  • Semantic URLs which are friendly for users and search engines;
  • Perfect design;
  • Website optimization;
  • Increase in profits.

Teamwork for increasingyour sales

We have a professional team which is the best in business

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Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

Servise: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart, MODx ...
Servise: Target audience, catchy advertisement, attractive texts ...
Servise: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart, MODx ...

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