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Search engine optimization has a reputation of being very complicated and unpredictable. But that’s not how we see it. We are aware of updates in the SEO industry, know all the right tools, and sincerely want your business to flourish.

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Why is it important for your business?

In the world where the chances of the survival of your business depend heavily on the Internet and its users it is only smart to invest into a good SEO strategy. You can have the best business ever, sell high quality products and offer extremely satisfying services, but how do you make people find out about it?

  • A website needs to comply with search engines guidelines;
  • A SEO optimized website has more chances to go up among search results;
  • You attract more visitors that are likely to take a desired action: click on your content, buy your product, or choose your services.

Let’s figure out your business model

As they say, different strokes for different folks. Although there are plenty of SEO tools and techniques that are generally well applicable and may potentially work just fine, what distinguishes a good SEO strategy from the perfect one is individual approach. That’s what we apply while working on your case. We want to get to know you better and together to figure out:

  • What exactly your business is about;
  • What market nice you take up;
  • What kind of services you provide and what makes them different from what your competitors offer;
  • What your current promotion goals are and how many resources you are ready to spend on it.

What do search engines look for?

Now that we’ve established that our main goal is to get along with search engines, let’s see what we are going to do to make it happen. Thing is search engine mechanisms are constantly changing and becoming more and more sophisticated. It is truly difficult to keep with all the updates, but it’s crucial that we take it into account while working with you as well as:

  • The quality of your written content;
  • The overall performance of your website and page load speed;
  • Your site’s authority, and if other trustable sites use your website as a reference or cite your content;
  • User experience.

Reach your target audience

What will we avoid?

With ever changing guidelines and ever more updates being introduced many SEO experts offer a seemingly easier solution which is to cheat search engines. However the techniques they try to apply are either already obsolete or will work on very rare occasions while the chances that the site will get penalized by search systems are still high. While working on your strategy we choose to play fair and never:

  • Overstuff your content and meta data with keywords;
  • Purchase links en masse;
  • Neglect user experience.

Why should you care about mobile devices?

With 60% of searches coming from mobile devices you can’t really afford not to have a mobile version of your web site. Visitors are likely to stay if your site is responsive to every device; search engines will appreciate your updates and rank you higher – a great situation all around, right? That’s what will make it work:

  • Responsive design;
  • Flexibility and freely moving content;
  • Lack of elements that won’t download from a mobile device.

Fixing mistakes

You may have already had experience with building up a SEO strategy. Maybe some SEO changes have already been made to your website. If it didn’t work that time, we need to know why. That’s why making a thorough SEO audit of your website is a must:

  • Applying analyzing tools;
  • Looking for errors and fixing mistakes;
  • Making up a list of recommendations on further improvements.
Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

Servise: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart, MODx ...
Servise: Client attraction, TOP positions, good reputation ...
Servise: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart, MODx ...