SEO services

We provide daily work on the development of your website infrastructure on the Internet.

  • We have successful experience in any business segment and you will get results with the guarantee.

  • We will open key advantages of your business with the purpose of growth in sales, and your website will attract more potential customers.

SEO services can increase your traffic and conversions of the website!

Constant thorough work on the development of your website to attract customers of your product through the Internet with a guarantee of the result!

Wide capacity of the work
We take into account every key query of your clients.
Eternal links
We develop the core of queries, create new pages for them and use the eternal linking mass.
Only 2 weeks!
And you will get the first results.
The results are affirmed
We include mandatory key indicators in the contract.
Stable reputation
Image pages on the website, eternal reviews, comments and backlinks every day!
High conversion
We fill the website with the aim of obtaining the highest level of sales!

Planning stage

Analyzing the website by search queries

In order to compile a specific and interesting commercial offer for you we conduct a search analysis of your website. Brief audit includes:

  • Amount of articles on your website for the key queries of potential customers.
  • Compliance with functional tasks.
  • Linking mass: its capacity, quality, elaboration by anchors and donors.
  • Exploring the search traffic of your website.
  • Investigating information of your competitors, search queries of their resource, position in the search and techniques for their achievements.


Commercial offer for the promotion

With obtained information during the audit we will prepare an interesting suggestion for you. In it we will reflect:

  • Predicted traffic figures from the search engines which will be included in our contract;
  • Attachments of creating pages for key queries for your website;
  • Necessary investments in the eternal linking mass.

Well-optimized website will get you more customers!

Be ready to recieve more traffic

Optimize your website

The main works for the best SEO services

Creating the query core

In order for the promotion to be more productive it is necessary to conduct thorough preparation. The first stages we involve collecting the core of search queries. It is set of keywords and phrases that users put in to search in order to find products and services on the Internet. It work should be accurate and detailed as possible. Our specialists will prepare both low-frequency and high-frequency queries, they will collect headliners and divide the query core into thematic groups.

  • Collection of headliners.
  • Create a complete and accurate query core.
  • Create query groups for selling characteristics.
  • Clean the core of unnecessary requests.
  • Manual filtering the query core.

The work with external resources and increase mentions on the Internet

For the website it is important that the search engines will know about it. It is necessary to increase the presence of the website on the Internet by the most eternal methods.

  • Getting eternal links to selling pages with a targeted action.
  • Backlinks and link building for your website.
  • All requirement techniques of Off-page SEO.
  • Placement of reviews on related websites.
  • Comments and posting on social media, in the users’ pages and groups.

SEO-copywriting with Zexler

Effect on sales

With the SEO-copywriting service with Zexler your sales will have greatly growth! We will create texts which are base on technical tasks and we will complete the website with unique texts.

  • The search engines and your customers trust us.
  • We engage new visitors in 2 weeks.
  • We raise incomes in a short time.
  • You will get a stable increase in sales.

Planning the technical task

In order for SEO-copywriters to carry the result it is need to prepare query core and to determine the most trend queries. Our analysts will perform a comprehensive analysis with clarifying each query. We will make a technical task which contains the major features: titles, meta descriptions and keywords.

  • Analysis of the theme.
  • Making the query core.
  • Technical task for the titles, meta descriptions and keywords.
  • Accounting the client’s desires and offers.

Creating unique articles

Our copywriters will write unique and attracting articles for the website. The amount of the text will be 2500-3000 characters without spaces, and the keywords will be naturally included into all articles.

  • Unique and attracting articles.
  • Natural texts with keywords.
  • Representation the pluses of the company in our articles.
  • Quick correction.

Unique and attractive web design is a key feature for your website

Increase your sales with the power of the web design

Create design for your website

Fascinating results with Zexler

Monitoring of the performance

After our SEO services your website will work efficiently and will bring you a profit. All your costs will pay off within a few months after the start of our SEO servicers. You will be able to analyze the transparency of our work, to explore the reporting where will be given the changes of indicators in dynamics.

  • Professional and quality SEO services.
  • Transparent and comprehensible report.
  • Feedback and communication.
  • Growth in traffic, conversions and your visibility on the Internet.
  • 100% recoupment of costs. 
Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

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