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Today the success of your business depends on its online representation to the greatest extent than ever. It’s no more enough to sell good products or provide good services; it’s only important to reach out to your audience faster and better than your direct competitors.

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Understanding the importance of SEO

Despite popular claims that SEO is dead we are sure that it isn’t going anywhere. Yes, search systems are constantly introducing new updates and criteria of site relevance evaluation which makes the process of working on a SEO-strategy somewhat confusing. But the truth is SEO, when handles the right way, still works. Moreover it’s the thing that’s completely worth being invested into as it gives you numerous benefits:

  • Reaching out to your target audience while search system users look exactly for something you provide;
  • Making sure they see your website among the top results;
  • Providing your visitors with satisfying user experience;
  • Turning visitors into clients.

Making it special for you

We have plenty of tools at our disposal that can make up for a SEO-strategy that works just right. However we know that the key ingredient for a successful SEO-campaign is individual approach. Every case is unique in some way or another; and we need to find out what makes working with you special. No one knows your company better than you. We want to know everything about it which we can do over a thorough conversation when we establish together:

  • What your business is all about, the information, products, or services you offer, the market niche your company occupies;
  • Your target audience and their needs;
  • What your current promotion and search engine optimization goals are.

SEO Analysis

Before we implement SEO-techniques on your website and launch the campaign we need to do an offsite SEO-analysis. It means that we need to analyze the possible behavior of your potential clients and figure out which requests they are likely to use while searching for something related to your business. Keywords research is a crucial part of a successful SEO-strategy:

  • Finding out keywords through different research tools;
  • Figuring out high, medium, and low competitiveness keywords;
  • Excluding negative requests that won’t add up traffic to your website;
  • Implementing keywords into your site structure and written content.

More visitors to clients

Technical Optimization

After we’re done with research outside your site, we need to do everything possible to technically optimize the site itself. The great things about optimization is that it benefits everyone in the equation: search engines like you, its users get a chance to find out about your business, and more traffic and higher conversion make it flourish. There are many tools we can apply to make technical optimization possible:

  • Correct use of relevant SEO tags;
  • Applying meta descriptions and heading tags wisely;
  • Improving the page load speed;
  • Structuring the data;
  • Verifying that search engines index all the right pages of your choice.

Usability Check

A good SEO-strategy is a strategy that doesn’t only focus on search engines, but also on the needs of the visitors of a site. Meeting all the requirements of a search system is crucial, but we must never forget about the people that make your business profitable. What makes their experience on your website satisfying is its compatibility with any mobile device they use. We make it work with responsive design:

  • Flexibility and freely moving content;
  • Fonts and design features adjusted to every screen size;
  • Lack of elements that are incompatible with mobile devices;
  • Preference of your website over others by search engines.

High Quality Content

Content is the king. As much as it is important for search engines that single out keywords in it and check their relevance to the content of the page, what we want to concentrate on is satisfaction of your visitors. Even if your business is all about selling products or providing services, and not giving out information, high quality content is what makes your visitors trust you and get interested in what you do.

  • Satisfy your visitors with well-written texts;
  • Make them trust your business while showing your expertise through articles;
  • Get additional promotion when they share your content on social media.
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