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  • Constant painstaking work;
  • Successful experience in the legal services segment;
  • Results with the guarantee specified in the Contract!

Do you have a project? Let’s do it together!

Constant painstaking work aimed at attracting customers for your business from search engines, use our successful experience in the legal services segment and you will get results with the guarantee specified in the Contract!

from 900$ per month
Time Frame: 
from 3 months
Increase the flow of clients for a law firm.

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Promotion of legal services is an effective tool in a competitive market. 

We consider all the services provided by you and use the wonderful experience of promotion in the legal services market!

Attracting customers
We use every request of your potential customer
Eternal methods
The development of your website and the creation of new effective pages using the eternal reference mass provides a sustainable result
New customers after 2 weeks
Effectiveness is noticeable after 2 weeks!
The result is agreed in advance
We reflect all key indicators of your website in the Contract
No changes
Your business does not depend on changes in search algorithms. We are working on the development of the infrastructure of your website!
We fill every page of the website with the opportunity to perform a targeted action (sign up for a consultation, purchase a service)!

The cost of promotion of legal services 

Studying the search requests of your website

Firstly, we conduct a search analysis of your website. After studying its indicators, we can make an offer that will expand your business and customer base on the Internet.

We analyze:

  • Qualitative and quantitative indicators of filling your website, which correspond to the needs of the target audience
  • Website design for using it as a marketing tool and making sales via the Internet
  • Qualitative and quantitative indicators of the reference mass ("eternity", elaboration on anchor and donors)
  • We study and study the search traffic coming to you on the website
  • Analysis of competitors' websites: their search queries, where they are hanging in search, how this was achieved

Commercial offer for promotion of legal websites

After conducting the audit of the search engine promotion of your website, based on its results, our team of analysts will calculate and prepare an interesting proposal for you to promote the law firm. Our proposal will contain:

  • Our forecasts on traffic from search engines, which will subsequently be entered into the Contract
  • The necessary amount of additional content and the cost of creating marketing pages for your website
  • Attachments that will require an eternal reference mass 

The Contract for the promotion of a law firm

We agree with you a commercial offer and after that sign the Contract for the promotion of your legal website, in which we prescribe the guaranteed indicators on the traffic from search engines to your website. That's what we note in the Contract:

  • Traffic figures from search engines
  • Cost of promotion of a website of legal services
  • The amount of new content that will be created and posted on your website (new pages)

Using our experience, you can confidently compete your attractive website.

We working on your projects every day!

Launch optimization

Start of work on the promotion of the website of legal focus

Preparing the complete semantic core

The way to increase the traffic on your website, we begin by collecting a complete query core, corresponding to targeted visits to your website. For this we do:

  • We collect headliners (for example, CPO admission, opening of LLC, registration of inheritance, etc.)
  • We form the core of the queries using the list of headliners (Zexler technology for collecting queries from void state, prompts, issuing a search, relevant clues)
  • We group requests
  • We do the planned cleanup (Zexler technology) of the core from "junk" requests
  • Our analysts sort requests manually

Development of requirements for the internal infrastructure of the website

Working with the core of queries, we bring it to a structure (directory) with practical navigation of users on it and create a detailed task for copywriters on the development of the website infrastructure (filling with content):

  • Formation of the directory structure for the website
  • Preparation of a detailed task for copywriters by catalog categories
  • Preparing a detailed task for copywriters to create marketing articles
  • Preparation of a detailed task for rewriting pages already posted on the website
  • Preparing a detailed task for internal page linking

Planning the work for increasing the external presence of the website on the Internet

Using the semantic core and the planned structure of the website, we are working to increase the number of mentions of the website on the Internet. That's what we do:

  • Preparation of a list of natural anchors for all pages of the website involved in attracting customers
  • Preparation of targeting features (target audience) of websites for posting reviews and articles
  • Formation of requirements for the purchase of an eternal reference mass
  • Preparation of a detailed task to increase the activity in social media

Preparatory work for creating landing pages

  • Studying the structure of the website: the availability of a directory and navigation for its output
  • Examine the list of material types (for example, useful articles / blog / news) for placing new effective pages with the target action and navigation for their output
  • Exchange of information with the technical staff of the website about the intricacies of working with the catalog and effective pages
  • In the absence of information or technical opportunity to develop the website development, design and implementation of necessary solutions will take on the team of external development Zexler

Promotion of law firm website

Timely and clear catching of temporary links

To exclude the loss of positions when the employee is changed, we timely pick up the temporary links, to then transfer them to the eternal with the growth of positions and traffic. That's what we do:

  • We study, using webmasters Yandex and Google, the list of indexed links
  • Separate (technology Zexler) temporary links from the eternal
  • We carry out work on keeping time supporting campaigns using temporary links on websites like the previous ones

Increasing the number of mentions on the Internet

For the website to take a firm position in the search it is important to increase the presence of the website on the Internet by the most eternal methods:

  • Purchase of perpetual links to relevant effective pages
  • Placement of thematic articles and reviews on websites with appropriate marketing (plus targeted traffic)
  • Mentions in social networks: in the comments, on the pages of users and communities

Website development, development and expansion of infrastructure

The website needs to be maximally configured and filled in accordance with the requests of the target audience. We develop the internal infrastructure of the website for reaching it, based on a list of possible user requests, considering all the legal services that your company provides.

  • Adding selling pages - directory for the website
  • Submitting articles for a query with a targeted action
  • Matching (rewriting) existing landing pages 
  • Linking landing pages inside the website


We summarize the results of the work done to promote your website each reporting period (weekly). That’s what you will learn from our analytics:

  • Changing the position of the semantic core for Yandex, Google and Mail
  • Traffic data from the search and plan / fact analysis
  • List of works for filling and development of your website + links to newly created effective pages
Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

Servise: Client attraction, TOP positions, good reputation ...
Servise: Google addwords, Facebook per pey click, Yandex direct...
Servise: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn ...

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