SEO for Law firms

We know what a good SEO-strategy is and what makes working on a case with a law firm different.

  • Increasing traffic
  • Meeting your needs
  • Improving usability

Law firms are now too facing online competition and should be very careful with presenting their services on the Internet. The need for implementing search engine optimization is evident. Many SEO-tools are applicable for every type of a company, but when it comes to law firms the solution may need to be more customized.

a solution that makes your lawyer business stand out

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A solution that helps you attract clients

A well -thought out SEO-strategy for your law firm

More clicks
The majority of visitors click on the top 5 links
Easy for search robots
Your website will go higher in ranking
Not only about search engines
Improve user experience and usability of your website
Increase the web site’s trust
Your potential clients trust the sites in the top positions
Promote your website
Visitors are more likely to promote your services on social media
Put yourself ahead of the competition
A customer will choose your site out of two similar web pages

Turn visitors of the webpage into clients

We want to know everything about your firm to find the best solution

A law firm needs a well-tailored SEO-strategy and we should take into account every detail of your business activities. It is only possible if we have a throughout conversation. No one knows your company and the services you provide better than you do. Although there are SEO-tools that generally work good, when it comes to developing a SEO-strategy for a law firm we need to find out what niche in the legal services business it takes and what is special about it. Based on what you do we will understand:

  • The niche you take: if you specialize in a certain or multiple areas;
  • The audience you plan to attract;
  • What search request your potential clients may use to solve their specific problem;
  • How to optimize the content of your webpage to correlate strictly with the issues you deal with.

We will research key words in your niche

A person becomes your client in few steps and entering your office is the last one. But before that they search for a local firm on the Internet, pick one among the links in the top positions and make up their minds depending on what they see on the website. That’s already closer to them actually using your services, isn’t it?

  • We use a variety of powerful tools to research keywords in your niche;
  • We can go as far as using the Google autocomplete function to see what the most popular requests are when you start to type in anything related to the activities of your law firm;
  • We prefer to handle every case creative. One of the best key words in our practice were found on forums and question-and-answer websites.

We use keywords efficiently

Hunting for keywords and picking the best of them is important. But does it get us somewhere? If we don’t place them wisely we’re only halfway there. We know how to make the best use of keywords and meta tags. Your webpage won’t be literally littered with useless keywords that are totally unrelated to the content. We know how to make your webpage search engines-friendly through:

  • Carefully picked URLs (both in the domain name and the slug);
  • Meta tags: title and description;
  • H1-H3 tags.

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Represent the activities of your company in the best way possible

We create the optimal site structure

A webpage needs to be easy to use. Nothing improves user experience and overall usability of your website than a wisely implemented SEO-strategy. When we work with law firms, we develop a unique strategy for every case which entails creating an optimal site structure. We need to keep your content, URL-structure and navigation well-organized. How do we do that? We use information we get from the conversation with you to find out what site structures better meet your needs depending on what services you provide. We apply different site structures for:

  • Single service (for example, DUI attorney)
  • Multiple services (for instance, your company offers services concerning contract and corporate laws)
  • Multiple locations (offices in various towns).


We will let you share your expertise

No one holds more useful information in a specific field than you, and your clients should be able to trust you on that. Let the visitors of your site find out about topics you’re knowledgeable in through well-written articles. 74% of visitors of law-related sites come there to take action – not out of curiosity. Showing them that you know how to handle their situation can help them make a right choice which is to use your services. This is how we go about the content of your website:

  • Writing texts not only for search engines, but for people;
  • Targeting keyword phrases in certain frequencies and densities;
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of your content;
  • Helping it rank higher than content from other websites (first and foremost of your competitors);
  • Employing calls-to-actions: we encourage the visitors of your website to take measures immediately and become your clients.

Help gain traffic from directories and local citations

Creating business profiles of employees on professional websites is a must for a law firm. There are hundreds of sources where you can create a business account, and it may be incredibly mind-numbing and time consuming to create the listings yourself. We work with authoritative directories that specialize in law. We know what is a good place to a listing and what lacks authority. A crucial part of our strategy while working with law firms is:

  • Picking good platforms and outsourcing;
  • Making them great sources of citations and backlinks;
  • Going higher in SERPs.



Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

Servise: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart, MODx ...
Servise: Effective graphic elements, 3D images, an individual style ...
Servise: Client attraction, TOP positions, good reputation ...