SEO for Dentists

We know what a good SEO-strategy is and what makes working on a case with a dentist practice different

è     Increasing traffic

è     Meeting your needs

è     Improving usability

It seems like dentists will have enough clients as long as there are people with toothache. But how to make sure that a potential client will choose to use your services? If the website is search engine optimized people who are looking for a doctor on the Internet will see it among the top search results and have all chances to become your clients. 

SEO strategy that has everything required to promote a dental business

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A solution that helps you attract clients

We help dentists build an effective SEO-plan and gain new patients

More clicks
The majority of visitors click on the top 5 links
Easy for search robots
Your website will go higher in ranking
Not only about search engines
Improve user experience and usability of your website
Increase the web site’s trust
Your potential clients trust the sites in the top positions
Promote your website
Visitors are more likely to promote your services on social media
Put yourself ahead of the competition
A customer will choose your site out of two similar web pages

Your dentist practice needs online promotion

Understanding the importance of SEO for dentists

Dentists now face high competiveness in their field. It’s no more enough to be a good doctor with new dental practices opening up all around. New clients come from the Internet, and no one really wants to end up in a situation where another business with less qualified and experienced dentists steal your patients. There’s also one more thing they are likely to steal from you: your traffic. That’s how we prevent it:

  • Developing campaigns that improve search engines visibility;
  • Providing overall better digital presence;
  • Implementing several different digital strategies;
  • We let you do things that make you successful while we’re gaining expertise and deploying our solutions.

We want to get to know you and what you do

A dental practice needs a well-tailored SEO-strategy and we should take into account every detail of your business activities. It is only possible if we have a throughout conversation. No one knows your company and the services you provide better than you do. Although there are SEO-tools that generally work good, when it comes to developing a SEO-strategy for a dental practice we need to know more about your specialists and procedures you offer. Together we’ll find out:

  • Procedures and services you offer and how we can implement this information in our SEO-strategy.
  • The audience you plan to attract;
  • What search requests your potential clients may use to solve their specific problem;
  • How to optimize the content of your webpage to correlate strictly with the issues you deal with.

Mobile search optimization

Every fourth web search is done from a smartphone or a tablet. It means a crucial part of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices. Some would say they don’t need a mobile version since they don’t gain much traffic from there – but that’s the main reason why they don’t get more visitors. A mobile version makes a webpage more trustable for search engines. And obviously it improves user experience: a visitor doesn’t need to zoom in and out and scroll back and forth just to get more comfortable while reading. Our solution:

  • Understanding behavior of mobile users and implementing simpler enquiry forms and overall more user-friendly design for your webpage;
  • Meeting the needs of mobile users and not letting the rankings of your website suffer;
  • Making visitors return to the website if they were satisfied with their user experience;
  • Converting more visitors into patients.

Let your clients find out about you now

We will research key words in your niche

What does it take to make a person enter your dental practice? Firstly they must see your website among the highest ranking in search results. We need to predict what search enquires your potential clients would use and decide what keywords we are to pick to optimize the content for search engines. And that is directly related to what people are typing in when they look for a dentist.

  • We use a variety of powerful tools to research keywords in your niche;
  • We know that optimizing your website for simple searches like “dentist” or “dental services” is not enough and we are ready to come up with more specific keywords depending on your location and other details;
  • We know how to use the names of the procedures and services you offer as dentist wisely so that the website attracts people willing to solve their problems.

We optimize your website for local searches

Will a person living in New York be looking for a dentist in Los Angeles? We highly doubt it no matter how good a dentist from Los Angeles is. Optimizing your website for local searches is crucial for attracting potential customers from your area. Our SEO-plan will directly target specific geographic areas.

  • We don’t only improve and optimize the written content, but also add the locations to URLs and page titles;
  • We register your business on Google Maps: leaving a link in the profile of your dentist practice there can boost up traffic;
  • We use local directory sites to improve visibility.

We start up a blog so you can share your expert opinion

An experienced dentist knows that gaining new clients is only possible through credibility. Giving a good piece of advice on your website makes people trust you. They can specifically read on their problem and be sure that you can handle this. Every dentist has something to share with their potential clients which will help us create a useful blog with optimized content. Our approach:

  • Writing texts not only for search engines, but for people;
  • Targeting keyword phrases in certain frequencies and densities;
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of your content;
  • Helping it rank higher than content from other websites (first and foremost of your competitors);
  • Employing calls-to-actions: we encourage the visitors of your website to take measures immediately and become your clients.


Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

Servise: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Opencart, Django, Python, PHP.
Servise: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn ...
Servise: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart, MODx ...