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  • Unique marketing texts, 
  • High-quality images, 
  • Creation of meta-data.

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Creating marketing articles is an incredibly complex and time-consuming process for any website owner. We will help you with this work, because our specialists have a lot of experience and will be able to turn your website into an perfect one.

from 9$ for 1000 characters
Time Frame: 
from 7 days
The website will take the lead in the shortest time!

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Your website will be filled with unique interesting marketing content! 

We will create unique marketing texts for you, arrange them with high-quality images, post them on your website and create meta-data. 

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The goals of SEO copywriting

Today, most of customers are looking for products and services of interest to them on the Internet. In this case, the winning websites are in the top search engines: it is on them that the greater attention of users. Due to what success is achieved? Advertisers actively use SEO-copywriting - creating marketing articles based on popular search queries. SEO-copywriting is done by special employees - copywriters, working based on the technical assignment (TOR). We will create unique promoting texts for you, arrange them with high-quality images, post them on your website and create meta-data. Our specialists will clearly communicate the benefits of cooperation with you, so that the website will take a leading position in the shortest time. So, SEO-copywriting allows:

  • Tell you about it in an accessible form;
  • To reveal the advantages of cooperation with the company;
  • Bring the website to the top search engines;
  • Form a positive attitude towards the brand;
  • Expand your customer base;
  • Increase sales.

Impact on sales  

Ordering the SEO-copywriting service in the company "Zexler", you can be sure: your sales will increase at times! We will create not just a unique text based on the task, but fill the website with unique content. Your resource will appeal to both users and search engines. Our copywriters have rich experience in creating marketing articles. They will, in an accessible and unobtrusive form, tell about your company and the services (products) that you sell. Your advantages of cooperation will be set out in such a way that the client has a positive attitude to the brand. We will help you attract a large number of new customers from your search in 2 weeks. Your profit has never increased so fast!

  • We win the trust of search engines.
  • We attract new customers in 2 weeks.
  • We increase profits in the shortest possible time.
  • We provide a stable growth in sales.

Using our experience, you can confidently compete your attractive website.

We working on your projects every day!

Launch optimization

Stages of creating an article

Preparation and creation of technical specifications

The creation of each marketing article is preceded by the setting of tasks and the preparation of a technical task. For SEO-copywriting to bring the desired result, it is necessary to prepare the core of queries, defining the most popular ones. Our analysts will conduct a detailed analysis of the topic, having worked out each request individually. As a result, technical specifications will be created, including the main parameters: titles (headers), meta descriptions, keywords, subheadings. In this case, each article will contain at least 3-4 keywords or phrases that contribute to SEO of the page. We necessarily agree with you the technical specifications, we will consider your wishes and suggestions. We will reflect the advantages indicated by the customer, and create an article that fully meets your expectations.

  • Analysis of subjects.
  • Creating the semantic core.
  • Preparation of titles, meta-descriptions, keywords, sub-headings.
  • Coordination of technical specifications with the customer.
  • Accounting for suggestions. 

Creation of article

Based on the prepared technical specifications, copywriters will take the case. They will create unique and informative articles for you, considering all requirements. The volume of the text will be 2500-3000 characters without spaces, and the key words will fit organically into the article. Our specialists have rich experience in writing marketing articles of any size, subject and format. Whether you need to promote a medical clinic or describe the advantages of the operating system, talk about organizing a children's holiday or present a new shopping center - any task will be performed in the best possible way. Just state your requirements! Finished articles will be agreed with the customer, and, if necessary, changes and additions were made.

  • Unique and informative texts.
  • Organic filling with keywords.
  • Experience with various subjects.
  • Representing you in the best light.
  • A presentation of the advantages of cooperation.
  • Coordination with the customer.
  • Rapid adjustment.

Creation of metadata

Talking about search engine promotion, you cannot fail to mention meta tags - keywords that are read by search engines. These include title, description and keywords. The title field is a short, succinct, but accurate and informative description of what is presented on the page. Whether you are selling a product or writing an article about promotion, advertising a car dealership or unwinding a blog - title becomes your "face" and can alienate or attracting the user. The words in keywords are considered by some search engines to determine the relevance of the pages. Description is a short content of the page and is aimed at causing interest in users. Drawing up a description is a responsible process of search optimization, so you cannot neglect it. Our specialists will create a unique text with a volume of 160 characters as a meta-description for each selling article.

  • A concise and concise title.
  • Introduction of keywords that promote search promotion.
  • Create a unique short description that will be of interest to the user.

Registration and accommodation

Quality images  

For your articles to look beautiful and complete, we'll select the appropriate pictures for them. We will purchase quality images on photo-drains. Good visual content will contribute to a positive perception of information, reinforce the interest in the text. We will select photos that match your topic and place them in accordance with the content of the article.

  • Beautiful visual content.
  • Only high-quality images.
  • Positive perception of advertising.
  • Increased interest in products and services. 
  • Logical placement.

Accommodation on the website  

After the texts and pictures are ready, we will post them on your website. Alt attributes for each picture will be registered. Your articles will look finished and organic thanks to correctly selected pictures and titles. The user will not be overloaded with a lot of text or visual content, so he will certainly finish reading the article. We will do our best to increase your interest to you!

  • Proper placement.
  • Prescribing alt attributes.
  • Finished and organic articles.
  • Perfectly selected images and headings.
  • Formation of interest in the advertised product.

Reporting on results

After the work is finished, we will obligatorily provide you with the reporting. You will be able to study the Sathya yourself by clicking on the links to the posted texts. For you will work experienced professionals who know their business. We guarantee you a professional approach to SEO copywriting in everything from creating a semantic core to placing finished articles. Our competence and professionalism allow us not only to create unique texts based on technical specifications: we turn casual users into your customers, revealing to them the advantages of cooperation and in beauty describing the products. Just contact "Zexler" - and the results will not be long in coming: your website will be in TOP, new customers will appear in 2 weeks, and business will prosper!

  • Detailed report with links to texts.
  • Competence and professionalism.
  • Individual approach to each client.
  • Random user = customer.
  • Colorful descriptions and visual advantages.
  • New customers in 2 weeks! 
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