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Seeking to gain more natural traffic to your website? Discover your business opportunities of search engine optimization together with our SEO-consultant.

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Modern algorithms of search engines are difficult to manipulate. Very often you can hear stories about how web sites do not receive any traffic at all. In effect their rankings in search results suffer or the pages even get filtered by Google and Yandex search engines. But always remember - when some sites go down in the search results, others go higher and higher. What do you prefer?

a solution that will significantly improve your search rankings

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business together!

To find a solution that will earn more traffic to your website

You get a customized SEO-strategy that helps you achieve higher search engine rankings

Save time
Instead of doing your own SEO let an expert work on a successful strategy
Get knowledge and expertise
Be sure that our SEO-consultant employs best tools
Keep up with changes
Be aware of all tendencies and updates after contacting our specialist
Avoid expensive mistakes
Don’t let your web site be penalized because of a not well thought out SEO-strategy
Save money
Don’t waste your funds on optimizing a web site on your own
Get reports
Let a SEO-consultant analyze the results and get reports that you can understand

Let users discover your content and bring traffic to your website

Understanding your Marketing Objectives

No one knows your business and services you provide better than you. We want to get to know you better and we are one conversation and a couple of cups of coffee away from understanding your marketing objectives. Together we set SEO-goals specifically for your business whether you need raw traffic, increase sales or raise conversion. Based on what you do we will find out:

  • The niche you take: if you specialize in a certain or multiple areas;
  • The audience you plan to attract;
  • What search request your potential clients may use to solve their specific problem;
  • How to optimize the content of your webpage to correlate strictly with the issues you deal with.


Optimizing your Web Page

We know that web site optimization has to be a crucial part of every successful SEO-campaign. We make sure that your site is able to drive business goals you set. What we do entirely depends on what kind of business you have and what action you want your visitors and clients to take. They will only get closer doing this if your site is optimized and easy to navigate. That’s what we apply:

  • Executing On-Page SEO Mechanical Elements;
  • Structure and formatting of the written content;
  • Integrating keyword phrases.

Focusing on User Experience

Usability and satisfying user experience directly affect the rankings of the site. Search engines are constantly improving their performance and offer Internet users best possible variants among the highest ranking pages in search results. We want visitors to enjoy the time they spend on your website and come for more. That’s what can enable you to keep and gain visitors and what we can help you with:  

  • Your site has little loading time;
  • Visual media is used wisely;
  • The website has well organized navigation system;
  • The page is mobile-friendly.

Stand out among your competitors

Researching and Analyzing Keywords

We know what is essential for you market success. And keyword research us a crucial element of it. Our SEO-consultants know that there are no “one size fits all” solutions. We let you decide main criteria for keywords research and we will find the best options after a thorough conversation. The consultant will make decisions based on following information:

  • Your website (authority, number of pages, quality of content, etc);
  • Your goals and objectives (branding, exposure, traffic, leads, sales);
  • Your budget, resources and deadlines;
  • Your industry and competitive landscape.

Getting Higher Rankings

There’s a variety of tools search engines use to decide which web pages get to the top of search results. Google and Yandex keep their methods a secret which no one, even us, have access to, but we sure know how to do the best to get your web site higher rankings. That’s what we do while working on your SEO-strategy:

  • Give your page a subject with keyword phrases;
  • Use natural phasing and take into account keyword density;
  • Optimize your written content;
  • Get all the links organized.

Diagnosing SEO-Issues

Everyone has SEO issues. Otherwise we wouldn’t be offering you our services. A crucial part of our strategy is to diagnose SEO problems you’re having and find the right solution. Identifying a problem takes several steps and we are ready to work on solving until your page is back on the first page of search results again.

  • We will analyze changes that have been made to your site recently and that seemingly affected the amount of traffic;
  • We can handle a situation when your web site faced a massive drop in traffic after website transfer;
  • We review Google updates and find out how they affect your rankings;
  • We can help if Google penalized your site.
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