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With our help you will understand the power of SEO and how properly to use it for your website.

  • We explore your niche and with usage of keywords we make the best SEO plan.

  • You will get perfect content, clear navigation and off-site strategies for the increasing activity of the website.

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Exploring your business

Our specialists will attentively explore your business, customers and main competitors in order to prepare the most effective strategy for SEO-optimization. We will definitely take into account goals and objectives that need to be achieved. We have an individual approach to each customer!

  • Analysis of “strong” and “weak” sides;
  • Studying the client base;
  • Monitoring of competitors;
  • Formulating goals and objectives;
  • Preparation of a promotion strategy.

Improvement of the internal infrastructure

Before we begin direct SEO, we will make sure about the quality of the website’s internal infrastructure by checking elements such as design, structure, navigation, linking and content. We will improve the marketing properties of the website with making the necessary adjustments. Your resource will become even more attractive for visitors!

  • Technical audit of the website;

  • Analysis of the structure, navigation and content;

  • Elaboration of the design;

  • Testing usability;

  • Increasing selling properties

Using our experience, you can confidently compete your attractive website.

We working on your projects every day!

Launch optimization

Why do you need to choose us?

Creating a semantic kernel

Our experts will create a complete and detailed semantic kernel and will include both low-and high-frequency queries. We will clean it with markers and manually. Also, we will add negative keywords to exclude non-targeted transitions. We will create a solid basis for further optimization!

  • Collection of headliners;

  • Creating a complete and detailed query kernel;

  • Sorting by selling groups;

  • Cleaning with markers and manually;

  • Addition negative keywords.

Preparation of technical tasks

SEO requires a systematic approach. It is important to properly organize the work of all specialists without missing even a single detail. We will create technical tasks (TT) for internal and external articles, for linking and for the catalog. We will professionally approach for the promotion of your website!

  • Preparation of TT for the catalog;
  • Preparation of TT for the website’s selling pages;
  • Preparation of TT for external optimization;
  • Preparation of TT for the internal linking.

Filling with content: selling articles

Based on the created technical tasks, our copywriters will write selling articles that maximize your benefits and stimulate cooperation. We will make them unique and informative. We will optimize them for the needs of search engines and come up with “catchy” headlines. We will create the best content for your website!

  • Creating articles according to each query (1 article = 1 query);
  • Unique, informative and interesting texts;
  • SEO-optimized content;
  • “Catchy” headlines;
  • Stable motivation for purchasing.

You will get all benefits from search promotion

External optimization

We will place the selling content not only on your website, but also on third-party sources. We will cooperate with stock exchanges of articles, exchange them with partner websites close to your subject, and also constantly increase the linking mass. We will purchase links that will bring an excellent outcome: a guaranteed increase in the search result!

  • Posting of articles on specialized stock exchanges;
  • Comments on forums and blogs;
  • Creating a SEO-optimized community;
  • Cooperation with partner websites (exchange of articles);
  • Purchase of eternal links.

Only a qualitative result!

Coming to the company “Zexler” you will get a high-quality result. We have a team of experienced professionals who know exactly how to attract new customers. Your business will develop at a rapid pace thanks to an individual approach and attention to detail. Hurry up to increase your sales!

  • Team of experienced professionals;
  • Guaranteed sales growth;
  • The expansion of the customer base;
  • Rapid increase in profits;
  • Reliable and high-quality promotion, which will recoup for itself.
Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

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