SEO Analysis

Want to make sure your SEO-campaign is successful. Let’s check it out to achieve better results

  • Analyzing your website
  • Fixing errors
  • Improving your SEO-strategy

Today when businesses vigorously compete online, even the smallest mistake in your SEO-strategy can cost you more than you expected. It’s not enough to be good at what you do, it’s necessary to let your potential customers on the Internet find out about you. Nothing helps more at that than an error-free SEO strategy.

checking your website for mistakes, fixing them and improving your strategy

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More search traffic
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Make it smooth
Improve the usability of your site
Get checked on time
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Fix mistakes
Don’t let the situation get out of control
Get reports
Provide yourself with comprehensive detailed information

It's just about time to check your site's performance

Getting to know you

The prosperity of your business is in our best interests. We know that a good SEO-strategy is a strategy that is developed just for you; the one that takes into account every little detail about your company and its history. This is exactly the approach we employ while working on your case. We need to check if your current SEO-strategy suits the needs of your business. We will draw our conclusions based on the information we’ll get from you over a thorough conversation during which we’ll discuss:

  • What your business is all about, the information, products, or services you offer, the market niche your company occupies;
  • Your target audience and their needs;
  • What your current promotion goals are;
  • Your previous experience with launching SEO-strategies, your stories of failure or success.

Understanding the importance of a right SEO-strategy

In the world when the Internet decides if your business survives one mistake in the SEO-strategy can cost too much. More and more business owners are now realizing that search engine optimization of their website is an investment that keeps on paying back. Top positions among search results provide you with more traffic which means more people get a chance to get interested in your business and may become your customers. There are plenty of reasons why you should invest into improving your SEO-strategy:

  • SEO-technique based on providing users with optimal experience still work despite all the claims that SEO is dead;
  • Launching a successful error-free campaign is cost-effective;
  • Search engines are now occupying more and more market share which makes you want your website to get along with them and meet their requirements for a relevant website.

Applying tools

We know how confusing working on a SEO-strategy can be. The tools and techniques you used yesterday may become obsolete today. Something that worked for you and your SEO-campaign can get your website penalized by search engines. It’s hard to keep up with all the updates search systems make up and it may be even harder to check if your website meets the new requirement. It’s our job to make sure that your site isn’t left behind and we do it with a variety of tools.

  • Checking how Google sees your website;
  • Making sure that internal and external links work and are not broken;
  • Determining how your site stacks up against your competitors;
  • Uncovering search engines optimization opportunities.

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Fix mistakes before it's too late

Fixing mistakes

The bad thing about SEO-mistakes is that they are not apparent. You may find your website coming up and down despite your best efforts. The future of your promotion campaign may be very obscure. However what SEO analysis made on time is great for is for fixing mistakes before it’s too late. Every strategy may be faulty in one way or another and contain mistakes like:

  • Unnatural, paid-for spam links. The ‘quantity over quality’ rule is no more applicable;
  • Keywords abuse. Many people have been there, done that, and you’ll have ti pay for their mistakes;
  • Non-relevant content that doesn’t focus on your visitors’ needs;
  • Thin or duplicate content.

Giving you reports

Not every business owner is a SEO-expert. While you concentrate on what you do best – generating information, selling products, or providing services – you may have very little time left to take proper care of your website. But you do understand that your website plays a crucial role in promoting your business and want to know how it exactly functions. With our reports you get comprehensive detailed information on:

  • Site speed;
  • URL structure;
  • On-Page Elements including title tags, meta descriptions, image optimizations;
  • Code analysis;
  • Social media references analysis.

Avoiding errors in the future

Now you can’t really afford not to learn something about search engines optimization. After we find and fix errors on your website and give you a comprehensive report on its performance we will also give you instructions on how to avoid SEO mistakes in the future. We provide a clear step by step list of recommendations that you can easily follow.

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