SEO analysis: a perfect start

of promotion with Zexler  

We use the best methods which can help to make a perfect SEO analysis 

  • We learn about competitive websites 
  • Our specialists analyse every page of your website with our unique methids
  • We create a SEO plan 

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Website promotion which makes sales 

Daily work on the development of your sales infrastructure on the Internet. First order in 1 month!

Daily development
Every day we create selling interesting articles for the requests of potential customers
Attractive content
1 customer's request = 1 quality article + products by the request
Results after 2 weeks
Customers from search will make the first order in only 2 weeks
Infrastructure forever
Effective pages, perpetual reviews and links on third-party resources - every day!
Customers will not pass by
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Google, Mail, Yandex
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 Learning the basics  

The list of works for effective SEO

The main goal of promoting your website is to increase the client flow from the search. We are planning:

  • SEO audition of the whole website
  • Regular creation of selling pages on the website
  • The maximum semantic core extension and presence in it
  • Increase the eternal reference mass
  • Growth of presence in social networks  

Results are clear for anyone

The daily development of your website to attract customers on the Internet is transparent and measurable (already at the planning stage):

  • Number of new selling pages on the website
  • The level of investment in the eternal reference mass
  • Search traffic by month

Using our experience, you can confidently compete your attractive website.

We working on your projects every day!

Launch optimization

The technical part of SEO analysis  

What is SEO analysis?

While an SEO audit includes the identification and elimination of broken links, broken anchors and images, slow loaded pages, an SEO analysis may go further to include:

  • An analysis of the content and landing pages
  • An analysis of meta tags relative to certain keywords
  • Checking rankings for a list of keywords

Technical analysis

The technical side of a site has a great impact on the effective functioning of the resource, as well as on the speed and rank ability in search engines. Even one minor error can lead to serious consequences, including de-indexing from search engines. That's why Zexler specialists conduct a correct SEO analysis for our clients. That’s what we check usually:

  • Broken links, images
  • Missing anchors
  • Server and page access issues
  • Slow response time pages
  • The correctness of the server response code.

General SEO analysis of a website

SEO analysis includes a check of on-page issues, and the analysis of page quality. To be visited and bring benefits, your site should be indexed by search engines smoothly, be well optimized and have a high authority. With the help of SEO analysis conducted by Zexler, you can check the major search site parameters:

  • Quality of content optimization,
  • Website age,
  • Thematic citation index,
  • Page Rank, 
  • Structure and layout of the website.

What the initial SEO analysis can reveal?

Every day backlinks are becoming more of the backstage of ranking factors. Search engines are now paying more and more attention to the on-page optimization of the site, its lack of technical errors, its usability for visitors and its usefulness. There are some basic problems SEO analysis can help you solve:

  • Pages duplications  
  • Badly optimized landing pages  
  • Problems with mobile optimization

Implementation of promotion  

Temporary links: collection and pick-up

Companies that offer search engine promotion services use temporary links based on their properties, it becomes necessary to pick them up for the first time and smoothly switch to perpetual links with growth of positions and traffic. That's what we do:

  • We collect a complete list of indexed links from webmasters Yandex and Google
  • We share (technology Zexler) which links are temporary, and which are eternal
  • We place on the temporary links market a supporting (temporary!) campaign from the same or equivalent websites

Steady growth of external presence on the Internet

To ensure quality and at the same time sustainable attraction of clients from the search it is advisable to increase the presence of the website on the Internet by the most eternal methods:

  • Purchase of perpetual links to pages involved in attracting customers
  • Placement of reviews on topical websites (plus targeted traffic)
  • Activity in social networks: in comments, on users and communities

Development of the website infrastructure by marketing articles

The development of the website for attracting buyers from the search makes it as satisfying as possible for users interested in your services, and hence the search engine.

  • Creating marketing pages - working with the website directory
  • Filling of marketing pages with articles on requests with target action
  • Optimization (rewriting) of existing landing pages
  • Internal linking of landing pages on the website

Keep you posted

Our team studies the results of attracting customers from the search on a weekly basis. We give you statistics:

  • Growth of positions on the query core for Yandex, Google and Mail
  • Changes in traffic from the search and plan / fact analysis
  • Links to newly created marketing pages on your website


Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

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