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  • Every day we build your reputation
  • Timely response for neutralizing negative reviews

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Regular building of your reputation

We place positive and neutral mentions about your products on suitable resources

Trust building
Every day we post positive reviews about your company
Feedback for your promotion
We mention about your products on different resources to attract clients
We take into account search queries
We collect and respond to all queries
Your reputation is credible
You get orders from clients with positive intentions due to good reviews
Timely response
We make 5-7 positive reviews over every negative one
Competitor analysis
We collect information about competitor reviews and leave neutral ones about your company

Preparation of SERM strategy

Field of our activity

We promptly respond to comments and questions of angry customers to prevent the growth of your company negative reputation. We select major websites which contain different opinions about your company and quickly respond to them. It can be:

  • Communities in social networks;
  • Websites with feedback;
  • Forums with discussions of your proposals;
  • Companies catalogues in your business segment.

Our solution

The answer to any feedback (both positive and negative) should be vivid and show your company concept. At the first stage we form an image concept to clarify your features:

  • The pros and cons of your company (for example high-quality products but plain packagе);
  • Detailed list of your competitors to obtain information about their activity;
  • Development of company naming (the most attractive brand name);
  • Detailed description of your decisions with vivid examples in order to make real feedback.

Timely monitoring and responding to feedback

Launch of feedback generator

Every day our SERM-managers learn thematic platforms and promote your goods and services in the context of image characteristics.

  • We create an account in feedback and thematic catalogues for your company;
  • We launch first 3-5 reviews taking into account time of their publication;
  • We answer users' feedback on behalf of your company.

Everyday study of activity on different websites

We monitor feedback publication and reviews about your company, as well as study the activity of your competitors, including articles publication about them on other websites.

  • Monitoring of websites with reviews about you;
  • Monitoring of activity about your company on other websites and in social networks (ZEXLER technology);
  • Estimation of competitors' activity on the Internet.

Our counter reaction

Our SERM-managers are working in accordance with the strategy neutralizing negative feedback and maintaining positive one when they find a comment or feedback of your company. We also work with competitors' reviews giving the information about your company and products.

  • We cover negative reviews by neutral and positive ones;
  • Active posting of your advertising reviews and eternal links on other websites;
  • We work without belittling of competitors.

Search engines and forums are well-disposed toward you

You get positive feedback at the top of search results

Now we notice the growth of such queries as "real review about ...", "feedback about..." etc. We analyze all these queries from the point of view of positive answer.

  • We make a full list of reputational queries about you and your competitors;
  • We publish positive feedback on recommendatory pages according to these queries;
  • We take into account all platforms at the top 10 of search results.

Credible feedback on the thematic forums

One of the best SERM techniques is presence of natural feedback and mentions about your company with reference to your website on other websites. Every checked positive feedback can lead to a hundred of ads.

  • We select thematic forums and services in order to register on them;
  • We increase confidence level to bring the message about your services to user-agents;
  • We create discussion topics and take part in other to show the opportunity to cooperate with you.
Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

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