Search Engine Marketing

Working with a professional SEO-team to increase traffic will attract much more visitors than Contextual Advertising alone.

  • Website audit: we check internal and external site settings and SEO
  • Permanents links building: trustworthy partners share links and your website rate grows

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Attraction of a lot of new customers to your website thanks to search engine marketing. A good way to have only target audience.

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from 3 months
New visitors from popular search engines!

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) helps to attract a lot of new customers

You have only target audience

Search engine marketing is aimed to increase target audience who will easily be converted to your clients
Subscriptions increase client call flow
The complex approach boosts sales
Ordering goods and services
Goods and services on your website attract customers
Everything for your customers
Customer-oriented website interface will be easy-to-use and well-considered
Everyone will find the answer
All users’ questions about your products will be answered on the Internet

Website analysis and forming a strategy

Web search queries analysis

Our team sums up the data about you and your competitors and prepares a comparative analysis.

  • Articles quantity oriented to the queries;
  • Quantity and quality of permanent links: reliability and trustworthy of anchors and donors;
  • Income search traffic analysis;
  • Competitive intelligence; we analyze your competitors (their position in the search, their queries).

Planning a strategy

A working plan: our team fills in the brief for search promotion and prepares an offer for you. The offer contains:

  • Search traffic forecast (it will be included into the contract);
  • Investments in landing pages creation;
  • Forecast of permanent link building investment.

The contract for search promotion

After approval of a business proposal we will sign a Contract (NB: with traffic guaranteed performance). The Contract includes:

  • Traffic statistics;
  • Promotion pricing;
  • New pages quantity (that will be added).

We are ready to

guarantee results



Hand over the project management to our team and enjoy your business prosperity

The first step: Detailed study of the topic and collecting semantic core

We study and sink into the theme of your business very deeply and then gather a detailed semantic core which clients will use to search for your company and products. For this purpose our team does the following:

  • We collect headliners (e.g. online shops, catering etc.);
  • We collect a semantic core according to headliners (we use Zexler technology which gather queries from various internet services like Wordstat, SERP, Full suggest + Related suggest);
  • We divide the core into effective groups and prepare for creating your advertisement.
  • We do the first phase of algorithmic core cleaning from useless queries (Zexler technology);
  • Our analysts do the second phase of core cleaning with markers (Zexler technology).

Site structure requirements list

The semantic core should be catalogued for fluent navigation. Copywriters should receive a separate detailed task for content development.

  • Site catalogue structure development;
  • Make the task for copywriters of catalogue categories creation;
  • Make the task for copywriters of selling articles writing;
  • Make the task for copywriters of rewriting existing landing pages content;
  • Make the task of internal pages linking.

Requirements list for website visibility on the Internet

Using the semantic core and web catalogue will improve your website visibility on the Internet. These steps will be taken:

  • A list of natural anchors for each promoting page;
  • Targeting website description (topics, regions, other metrics) for posting reviews and articles;
  • Writing a requirements list for buying of permanent links;
  • Writing a requirements list for social media activity.

Collection of a detailed

semantic core

which clients will use to search for your company

Use it right now


Excellent promotion in order to attract target audience and increase your sales

Preparation for making landing pages

Zexler team considers the practical approach to a creative issue. Before the start we always prefer to check accessibility and working capacity.

  • We check availability of the catalogue and its display;
  • We check availability of content (articles, blogs, news, photos) and place landing pages with targeted actions;
  • We get the catalogue and landing pages usage instructions (administrator rights). If there is no administration panel or other technical services, we will develop and implement a Zexler solution for you.

Search promotion service: change your SEO partner without problems and data loss

As a rule, SEO companies use temporary links for promotion. That is why it is crucial to collect all these links at once and later replace them with permanent links (that will bring traffic increase and search position growth). What we do:

  • We collect indexed links lists by the means of Yandex and Google webmaster services;
  • We sort collected links to permanent and temporary ones (Zexler method);
  • We create temporary campaign to support your existing temporary links (to the same websites or to the similar ones).

Improvement of website visibility on the Internet

It is necessary to use “white” and permanent methods to ensure the constant flow of clients.

  • Buying permanent links for related landing pages;
  • Posting reviews on the related sites (that will also increase the targeted traffic);
  • Posting in social medias: commenting, posts on users’ pages and on groups pages.

Website structure improvement

Website structure improvement and SEO help you to bring traffic from search and increase usability.

  • Creation of landing pages and a catalogue;
  • Creation of landing pages with useful texts;
  • Optimization and rewriting existing landing pages;
  • Checking landing pages internal linking.


Weekly we sum up the SEO work results. The analysis contains:

  • Queries positioning in, and;
  • Search traffic dynamics display (with comparative analysis of plan and result);
  • List of internal links for new landing pages on your website.
Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

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Servise: Client attraction, TOP positions, good reputation ...
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