Social media advertising is the first step to the future online marketing.

  • Retargeting will warm up your customers
  • Your clients will know about all your new offers
  • Only real target audience 

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Retargeting in Facebook allows showing advertisements only to "good" potential clients and gain his/her confidence.

Time Frame: 
3 days
Convertion rate increase, return of your potential customers

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Advertising only for the social media audience

"Warms up" your customers, prepares them to the deal, tells about special offers and bonuses

Facebook Pixel
Tuning and involving Facepook tracking pixel
LookALike targeting
Ad campaign setup for similar Facebook profiles
“Warming up” a customer
Retargeting helps to warm up your customer and prepare him/her to the deal
Target audience
Retargeting gives you only customers which are already interested in your services
Customers will not pass by
We convince a customer to order twice, finish an ordering procedure, add a product to cart and/or send contacts
Attracting attention to special offers
We tell Facebook users about your special offers and bonuses

Advertisement that will work for the best results!

Facebook retargeting is the best solution for your business

Retargeting in Facebook is showing an advertisement to the social media users which were on your website recently. That's the “hottest” audience. The main goal of retargeting is convincing a customer to come back and order something on your website. The retargeting technique can't give your customers any opportunity to forget that they have already been on your website. You get a lot of advantages if you order Facebook retargeting:


  • An opportunity to suggest a product only to users which are interested in it;
  • Huge conversion rate growing;
  • Sales increase;
  • Minimal expenses;
  • Quick results.

About details

We promise you the best discussion, you can ask us any questions you want. We know how important talk about all details for customers is. That's why we want to talk about details in Facebook retargeting personally. What goals do you have? What is important for you? When do you want to see your first results? How much are our services? We will talk about every detail.


  • Hearty welcome;
  • Answering your questions;
  • Getting goals;
  • Talking about tasks;
  • Ad campaign setup;
  • Analysis.

Report on the results of work

Our specialists will create a clear promotion strategy for you, introduce an advertisement and analyze the results. We will optimize your finance and keep high indicators. Our team will work hard on your Facebook retargeting and the results will exceed your expectations.


  • Professional team;
  • Our special methods for attracting customers;
  • The best solutions;
  • Optimizing your finance;
  • Hight conversion rate.

Perfect platform for advertising

Why Facebook?

Facebook is an international social network. It has a unique audience. If you work with different countries, Facebook is the best place for your promotion.


  • Huge audience of different ages and nationalities;
  • A big number of businessmen;
  • Very popular in many countries;
  • Great opportunities for co-working;
  • Guaranteed qualitative results with setup from Zexler.

What type of business needs Facebook?

Facebook retargeting is effective for companies with a very long ordering procedure. The huge part of B2B market, individual building, clothes, houses, cars etc. is good for retargeting. It needs long-term decisions which can take 7 and more days. The technology of retargeting can give you customers back when it has good setup. Retargeting can find users which didn't finish an ordering procedure on your website and show them your advertisement. Retargeting is indispensable for you if you need to:


  • Warm up your customers before ordering;
  • Make repeated sales;
  • Sell products from cart;
  • Show special offers and sales.

Professional approach

Effective Facebook retargeting setup is difficult and different, because the system contains many tools. Only permanent testing variations and analyzing visits can help you with optimization your finance. Our team:


  • Will implement Facebook Pixels;
  • Will set up track pixel data for lookalike-targeting;
  • Will set track goals on the website (filling forms' gaps, sending a product to cart etc.);
  • Will set up targeting for not finished goals on the website;
  • Will set up targeting for similar users to your customers;
  • Will personalize advertisement for different audiences.

The features of Facebook retargeting

Facebook pixel — setting up and starting

Remarketing in Facebook is based on the tool “pixel” for tracking users and their activities on a website. The results from retargeting mostly depend on good setup of pixel. It is very important to take into account:


  • Tracking data for lookalike-targeting — automatic sync with filled applications on a website;
  • Setting up tracking for target goals on the website;
  • Setting up the limitation for a mobile and desktop audience.

The audience for retargeting

One of the hardest tool in Facebook retargeting is an ability to show a personalized advertisement for a list of customers which you have already gathered. That's why Facebook retargeting becomes like e-mail marketing. It helps to send different messages to different customers. You will need to use all 4 methods for creating retargeting audience:


  • Create audience from the file (id, e-mail);
  • Create audience from CRM and subscriptions data;
  • Create audience form mobile application;
  • Create audience from website visitors.

Target audiencefor your business

from Facebook

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Additional services

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