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What do people usually like about going to a restaurant? It’s exquisite cuisine, relaxing atmosphere, fitting interior. A good website design should reflect everything that we appreciate about eating out and make a site visitor become your guest.

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Why does your restaurant need a good design?

You may have the best place in town and hundreds of satisfied guests, but how do you give your potential visitors an idea of what they are about to get in your restaurant? Building up your reputation by spreading the word of a mouth is left in the past, and now when restaurant businesses and their success depend heavily on the Internet, you need a website with a good design to keep up.

  • A preview of your restaurant services;
  • Showing people that you care through easy navigation and clean design elements;
  • Improving user experience;
  • Standing out among your direct competitors.

Figuring out what you want

A good restaurant design is not just clear layout and mouth watering photos of dishes you serve. You need a customized solution that will meet your needs. Whether you are a small sushi place that attracts students from a college nearby or a fancy Italian restaurant, we will work on a design that fits you just right. But what are the first steps that we need to take in this direction:

  • We learn the history of your business down to details;
  • We figure out what services you offer and what makes you different from other restaurant businesses;
  • What audience you plan to attract;
  • Actions you want your visitors to take which defines the placement of calls-to-action, developing the navigation system and the site structure;
  • Your vision of your website: color palette, shapes, pictures and graphics.

What constitutes a good restaurant design?

We’ve all seen these websites: a decent place that just can’t get it right with its online presence. We’re talking complicated navigation, unresponsive design, all the bad color schemes, and images of food that won’t get anyone want to eat it. Fortunately not only we know all the faux-pas of a restaurant website design, we know what we have to stick to:

  • Right colors that are associated with food and channel freshness, passion, reliability, and adherence to tradition if that’s what you’re looking for;
  • Perfect imagery of your cuisine;
  • Comprehensive menu layouts;
  • Easy contact forms.

A good looking website can come a long way

Working on your logo

Your logo has a power to support your brand and make you stand out among your competitors. It would not be an exaggeration if we said that in the sense the logo and overall design solution are the face of your restaurant business online. But if it’s this important, how do we approach it?

  • We make sure restaurant concept, brand personality, promises and points of difference are all made clear through conversations with you;
  • We keep it consistent with your visions;
  • We stick to classics, don’t rush in to follow design trends of a day, but find something that will make you unique.

Making it mobile friendly

Your potential visitors are likely to look for a place to have a meal on a go. It’s easy to draw a conclusion that they use mobile devices for it. But will they be satisfied with their user experience if they go to your website from a smart phone or a tablet? In the era where around 60% of searches are made from mobile devices you can’t afford not having a mobile version of your website.

  • We develop a responsive design adjustable to mobile devices;

  • We work on eliminating things that just won’t load from a mobile version;

  • We make sure that images are still loadable and seen since it’s a crucial part of promoting your restaurant business online.

Choosing unique

Once we know about the history of your business and figure out what your vision is, we want to develop something different that will make you you. Our approach is to never settle for mediocre or generic because we know that you deserve more. That’s why:

  • We create design from scratch;
  • We don’t use templates;
  • Every site is designed for your specifications;
  • We create different looking internal pages which however make up for cohesive design together.
Additional services

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