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You have a trustable real estate business, provide high quality services, and seek to attract new clients. Today there’s one more component in the equation of success that you should be aware of which is your online presence. The right website development solution will leave both you and your clients satisfied with the experience.

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Understanding the importance of the right development solution

Driving your real estate business forward includes coming up with a good website development strategy that will meet all your needs and the needs of your potential customers. When it comes to real estate, people tend to be extremely cautious about who they are about to deal with. You can make them trust you more by leaving them satisfied with your well developed website.

  • We know what makes working on the development of a real estate website different;
  • We are aware that a major part of your visitors come to your site to take an action;
  • We know how we can make them choose your services instead of these of your direct competitors.

Figuring out what you want

Your business has the whole story behind it; and no one knows it better than you. We know how to work with real estate businesses, but we also know that each and every of them is different. That’s why we use the most effective approach while working on your case which is developing a fully customized solution. But for that we need to make sure we know every little detail that can influence our choices:

  • The niche you take: if you specialize in a certain or multiple areas;
  • The audience you plan to attract;
  • Actions you want your visitors to take which defines the placement of calls-to-action, developing the navigation system and the site structure;
  • Your vision of your website: color palette, shapes, pictures and graphics.

Defining what a good real estate site is

A real estate website needs a highly visual user interface. We know what people imagine when they think about real estate they’d like to own and we give it to them. But it’s not only imagery that matters. A visitor won’t go any further than looking at pretty pictures if the site lacks a good structure and navigation system.

  • A perfectly tailored solution;
  • Fitting visuals;
  • Easy comprehensive navigation;
  • Enhanced user friendliness.

Gain trust of your visitors

Working on your branding

How do you make a person remember you before they use your services? Your logo and overall design is the face of your company online. An aesthetically pleasing branding can go a long way and make people trust you even more. Working on branding for a real estate business is always something special, but we know how to come up with something that works just right:

  • Complying with basic requirements for a good real estate business design;
  • Making sure the design elements strongly associate with what you do;
  • Sticking to classics, but adding something that makes you unique.

Reaching out to mobile device users

Unfortunately there’s still a common misconception that if your website doesn’t get much traffic from mobile devices, it only means that you don’t need a mobile version. We know that it’s quite the other way around: you don’t get enough mobile traffic because you haven’t implemented responsive design. We find it a crucial part of a website development solution:

  • Creating an adjustable design;
  • Letting people access your site from any device;
  • Getting rid of every element that harms page load speed.

Enhancing site performance

No one can sleep comfortably at night knowing that their site’s performance may be failing, right? Yes, it is this important. To think, every mistake can cost you another customer and hence another pile of cash. This is something we don’t want to happen to your business. We want a smooth site that works just right and we take care of it while you do what you are best at. We provide:

  • Site audit and fixing errors;
  • Ongoing technical support;
  • Security upgrades;
  • Detailed comprehensive reports on your site’s performance.
Additional services

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