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Ad campaing running - 500$, ad campaign setup - 500$, ad campaign budget - from 1660$
Time Frame: 
3 days for ad campaign launching
Attraction of target audience

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Our solutions aimed to sell. Site visitors become clients
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A business proposal for contextual advertising

Aims of contextual advertising

Our aim is to implement ultimate targeted traffic with minimum expenses for a short period of time.

You needn’t overpay to Yandex.

You needn’t overpay to Google.

We do the following things with our own methods and technologies:

  • Set goals and tasks together;
  • Create a semantic core with transactional queries (Zexler technology);
  • Create 5 campaigns with 1000 targeted queries (Zexler method);
  • Launch advertising;
  • Collect statistics;
  • Optimize the campaigns for reduction of expenses and increasing the click-through rate;
  • Please you with results.

A meeting with you

We extend a warm welcome to you and give you delicious coffee with cookies. We show you the detailed analysis of the market (on the basis of BigVisor). We answer your questions, discuss all tasks and give you predictions.

  • Warm welcome;
  • Answers to your questions;
  • We show you the analysis;
  • Discussion of the tasks;
  • We give prediction;
  • We launch the project.

Reporting and results

We improve your advertising every day. We analyze statistics (Zexler technology which find the most effective queries), optimize campaigns (Zexler technology which reduce cost of a click and increase CTR), and achieve goals.

You can always get:

  • Professional team;
  • All concurrent technologies and Zexler methods which can attract clients;
  • The best solutions;
  • Minimum expenses;
  • Maximum conversions;
  • Evident KPI result;
  • Detailed reporting about all expenses and results every month.

Creation of contextual advertising

The first step. Detailed study of the topic and collecting semantic core

We study, sink into the theme of your business very deeply and then gather detailed semantic core which clients will use to search for your company and products. For this purpose our team does the following:

  • Collect headliners (e.g. online shops, catering etc.);
  • Collect semantic core according to headliners (we use Zexler technology which gather queries from various internet services like Wordstat, SERP, Full suggest + Related suggest);
  • Do the first phase of algorithmic core cleaning of core from useless queries (Zexler technology);
  • We do the second phase of core cleaning with markers and by analysts (Zexler technology);
  • Divide the core into effective groups and preparation for creating your advertisement.

The second step. Creation of advertisement

After creation of semantic core we make catchy and effective advertising for any query (1 advertising = 1 query). Zexler technology allows us to do it as quickly as possible at the highest level.

Advertising consists of:

  • Headline (the very query);
  • Text (a query with catchy text);
  • Motivators (increasing CTR);
  • 4 quick links (we increase audience reach);
  • Advertising cards with contacts (we accelerate conversions);
  • Hypnosis images (a picture for Yandex advertising network with a special background.

The third step. Setting and launching the campaign

Ultimately, we set landing pages with the help of our program (Zexler technology). It selects targeted pages on your website (increasing conversions, reduction of refusals). Advertisement gets key features in its effectiveness. Then we upload campaigns to Yandex or Google, set a strategy for every 5 advertising campaigns separately according to predictions (Zexler technology) and launch the advertising. Next day you will get requests. As a result you will have:

  • Professionally elaborated campaigns;
  • Very catchy advertisements;
  • Flawlessly chosen landing pages (every query leads to a necessary page);
  • Perfectly chosen strategies;
  • Significant results.

Contextual advertising optimization

The first stage. Searching for the most convert queries

Our team works at finding the most transactional queries in order to increase a number of conversions ad reduction of your expenses. With the help of our program we analyze all necessary statistics. We also analyze queries and emphasize them with the help of our methods. We increase CTR reducing cost of every click without losing their quantity.

  • Everyday analysis of your campaigns;
  • We increase CTR;
  • We reduce your expenses.

The second stage. We find the least conversion queries

We also analyze queries which are not very suitable in order to reduce your expenses for contextual advertising. We use the methods of increasing their effectiveness. We make predictions with the help of the possibility theory (Zexler method), add negative keywords, analyze texts again and change them if it is necessary.

  • Everyday analysis of your campaigns;
  • Predictions of effectiveness and conversion (Zexler technology);
  • Collection and addition of negative keywords (Zexler method);
  • Analysis of texts and landing pages (Zexler method).

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Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

Servise: Positive feedback, good reviews, removing negative feedback ...
Servise: Effective graphic elements, 3D images, an individual style ...
Servise: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn ...

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