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Want to get along well with search engines AND improve user experience? Achieve your goals with a mobile SEO strategy

  • Customized solution
  • Improved usability
  • More traffic from mobile devices

With 60% of searches coming from mobile devices you can’t really afford not to have a mobile version of your web site. Visitors are likely to stay if your site is responsive to every device; search engines will appreciate your updates and rank you higher – a great situation all around, right?

a mobile and search engines optimized web site

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Mobile SEO has never been as effective

Understanding the importance of mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is now more important than ever. Mostly it is because of Google site ranking policies. When a couple of years ago Google announced the start of mobile indexing, many considered it mere experimenting. However that was a major step towards ranking mobile optimized sites higher and penalizing sites that are not that friendly to mobile device users. We want to get along with Google search engines and this is how will make it work:

  • Develop a customized strategy for your online business;
  • Squeeze the best out of the written content;
  • Use every novelty that responsive design tools offer;
  • Make your site rank higher and meet the needs of mobile device users.

Setting goals

Having a robust website is the foundation of the prosperous online business. To make it work we need to know you better and not miss on a single detail of what you do. It is only possible if we have a throughout conversation. No one knows your company and products better than you do. Although there are tools that are generally applicable when it comes to developing an mobile SEO strategy that fits just right we need to be as specific as possible. This is what we need to gather to set your ecommerce platform for a smooth sail:

  • Products you offer and how we can implement this information in our web development strategy;
  • The audience you plan to attract;
  • What search requests your potential clients may use to solve their specific problem;
  • How to optimize the content on your webpage, build an easy navigation and appropriate site structure.

Responsive design

We established that a design compatible with mobile devices makes a webpage more trustable for search engines. And it benefits both sides as it improves user experience: a visitor doesn’t need to zoom in and out and scroll back and forth just to get more comfortable while reading. Let’s go through the benefits:

  • Flexibility and freely moving content;
  • Excellent user experience;
  • Spending money smart and never paying more than needed;
  • Gaining preference over other websites on Google;
  • Easy web site management.

Your business needs more mobile traffic

After we gathered all the necessary information about your business for you we will be able to move on to the next step which is researching keywords. We understand what your target audience is and how we need to make its needs. Understanding behavior of your visitors and potential customers will let us pick the best keywords – something that people type in when they are looking for a product, service or information.

  • We use a variety of powerful tools to research keywords in your niche;
  • We know that optimizing your website for simple searches like is not enough and we are ready to come up with more specific keywords and target locations;
  • We know how to use the names of the procedures and services you offer wisely.

We know what Google looks for

Google is the king whether you like it or not. It’s in your best interests to make friends with it and not to let its ranking policies mess up your site’s traffic. The policies may be quite changeable, but we are aware of every update the big G makes and know what changes we need to make to your mobile SEO strategy to make it work. For instance, we know how the following features are Google’s sweet spots:

  • Flash usage;
  • Compressed images;
  • Best visuals at every size;
  • Reduced downloading time;
  • Use of caching to reduce the time spent on data exchange between database and web servers.

Fixing errors

Working on a SEO strategy on your own may be very frustrating. Especially when businesses rely more and more on the Internet and one little mistake can cost too much. Unfortunately sometimes our best efforts don’t end up being successful. If you tried, but didn’t achieve the results you were striving for, we can fix that for you in case:

  • Your last strategy ignored the way people read content on mobile devices;
  • Contained obvious, but ineffective design features;
  • Didn’t take into account the specifics of mobile keyword research.
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