Medical website development

The website is focused on attracting customers.

  • We create an understandable and flexible administration menu;
  • Customers will return to your website and bring their friends.

We offer the best solution for you. It is creation of a custom website which can attract a great number of new customers. We are ready to help you develop your business!

from 500$$
Time Frame: 
2-3 weeks
An attractive website with unique design, motivating buttons, contact forms, useful information for your future users.

Let's expand your
business together!

You will get a lot of customers through the Internet

Be ready to have the best medical website

Growing number of customers
That is what we orient our decisions on. Everything is carefully elaborated, and your clients will come to you.
Online registration
Customers will make an appointment to you and they will wait for a call from a manager with the confirmation of the visit.
Facilitate the search of customers
Your resource conveys exactly your services, the advantages, high qualification of personnel and approach to a user.
Appointments and procedures
It is very convenient to post your offers on your website in order to attract people.
It is clear for patients
A simple interface is available to users of any skills and level of preparation.
Reply to everyone
We focus on the answers to users’ questions.

We explore in details the activity of your clinic and create the concept of your website

With your participation we work out what services you are providing and for which customer you are targeting

We create a website which attracts customers and is exclusive for your clinic. For this purpose we provide the most accurate supply of answers to questions and fears of your potential customers. With your direct participation we work through all the details of key points in our office (in a confidential environment):

  • what services does your clinic provide: doctor examinations, treatment of diseases, health procedures (full list of services);
  • what key areas of your clinic's activities: what do you want to focus on;
  • marginal offer for your patients: diagnosis, treatment, observation, home visits, etc.
  • price segment of your product;
  • key competitors of your clinic, their marketing moves and special offers;
  • customer type: individual, legal entity or their combination;
  • FAQ of clients;
  • frequent objections of clients.

Customers’ stories of your clinic

  • After immersing in your business we model customer stories of your clinic, emphasize their fears, desires, and what is important for them.

  • We select groups of possible patients.

  • We specify the portrait of your client (gender, age, income).

  • If you already have a website we analyze current users (explore WebVisor and map of clicks).

  • For each group of patients we distinguish fear and desires characteristic and mandatory components of medical care.

  • We explore the websites of competitors for the sales models they use.

  • We are working on search queries which are specific to your potential customers. We are doing it in order to identify important features for searching exactly your services.

The concept of attracting customers = satisfaction of desires of your customers

When we examined the likely behavior of your potential customers and their questions, we are working on the concept of their attraction on the Internet. It is based on answers to fears and questions of target users. This information pushes to order services exactly at your clinic.

  • supply of answers to frequent questions of your clients;
  • neutralization of  the client’s fears;
  • individual motivational slogans for your medical services;
  • description of the main structural blocks of your website;
  • clarification of the requirements for the design and programming of your website.

Do you need a professional team which will create the website of your dreams?

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Prototype of your website is a clear structure of your suggestions

Types of pages and working out the necessary marketing channels!

In order to solve the business problems of your clinic we create different types of pages for a variety of content structures.

Pay your attention, it is very practical! We are working on building the website for key marketing channels such as search promotion of a medical website, advertising in social networks, managing the reputation of your medical clinic and contextual advertising. So from the first days your website will attract customers from all directions of the Internet!

  • Specification of marketing channels and website requirements for them.
  • Identify key types of materials.
  • Clarifying the necessary structural fields for marketing.

The structure of the pages and the website that accompanies to cooperation with you

We create a page structure which is based on the user’s stories and considering each type of page. It accompanies your potential customer to commit the target action: to send the application, to make an appointment, to call and to contact online support. The structure is worked out and agreed with you for each type of the page.

  • developmental work of the structure of each website’s page: page services, product cards, catalogers, information about the company and team, delivery and payment.
  • connection of selling subtleties and details;
  • creating a navigation that leads a potential buyer to the target action: to send contacts, to call or to make an appointment;
  • development the structure of links of materials (pages) on the website.
  • highlighting and underlining (structural) landing pages that helps to cope with fears of a potential customer.

Design that motivates to cooperate with the emotional supply of your services

The design of the main page is the functional “door” to your website

Based on the prototype home page of your clinic our designers create informative and motivational design which is built on the features of your medical services. The design is created personally for your business. We necessarily connect the Buki Brand and the existing brand style. We reconcile with you the design of the main page!

  • The design is accessible and intuitive for your potential customer.
  • We take into account the characteristics of your audience by attracting stylistic elements of social groups.
  • Each icon, button, motivator and field of request forms (appointment) is perfectly prepared.

We present your services in the design of the landing

We create selling design in the capture page format under the prototypes of service pages or cards of experts. For each service of your clinic we work out individual motivators which emphasize the advantages of your medical institution.

  • We create selling images of your services.
  • We post step-by-step motivational blocks which accompanying to the appointment.
  • We display each button and each form on your page with the service.

Supply of separate basic pages. About the clinic, leading specialists, surveys and payment

Basic pages (about the clinic, specialists, medical equipment, payment etc.) are very important as they are the most visited. On them we motivate to contact you, therefore we work on them especially sensitive and strictly to your clinic.

  • We brightly introduce your team - people ask for help from people!
  • We create a reliable sense of the existence of your clinic.
  • We emphasize the high qualification of specialists - people willingly come to doctors who are trusted.

Development of the landing pages for your website

Start your business with our professionals

Create landing pages

We create and post the website of your clinic in the network: programming and layout

Technical structure: practical admin panel and development under search engine optimization

We are working on the technical structure which is the core of the website. We allocate separate fields for each element, for each logical entity - the type of material, which greatly simplifies the work with the website and its development. At this stage technical elements are developed for SEO and social marketing.

  • Each element of the website is placed in a separate field and it can be conveniently edited in the admin panel.
  • Each logical entity is placed in a separate type of material. It is easy to develop and adapt to the specific business tasks.
  • Filters, display on the map and navigation of menu are configured and operate in optimal mode.
  • Infrastructure for marketing: types of material for landing pages for queries, navigation menu, fields for meta tags, social widgets, site map and other elements for promoting a medical website.

The website layout is a correct work in all browsers and usability on mobile devices

Your interactive manager for attracting customers on the Internet is your website which should quickly and conveniently work on all devices: computers, tablets and mobile phones. For this purpose, our team of developers and layout designers makes the program code of your website optimal in performance and adapted for both computers and mobile devices: tablets and smartphones.

  • We optimize for different screen sizes.
  • We develop for all popular browsers.
  • Your website will be correctly displayed on iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Asus and other smartphones and tablets.

Monitoring the work of all website systems – testing

We necessarily carry out a complex of measures directed on the full verification of the operation of all systems. The team of testers conducts tests of sending forms, website layout in different browsers and devices, interactive elements.

Unique articles with naturally involved keywords

Content of your website is a key feature for getting more traffic

Optimize your website

Content - services are described and the website is ready to attract customers

Selling description for your medical services is 100% of motivation to contact you.

For each of your medical service we are working on a separate landing page, which can independently attract customers (e.g. through contextual advertising). This is an effective method of turning users into customers of your medical clinic.

  • Selling description of medical services - we focus only on your advantages.
  • Personalized motivators - each medical service of your clinic receives its own pack of motivators with accurate icons and descriptions.
  • Well-designed digital images. We create a selling visualization of your products and services (3D models, image and photo processing, creating photo and video materials).

Selling descriptions for key pages - about the clinic, personnel, diagnostics and payment

Basic pages (about the clinic, specialists, medical equipment, payment etc.) are very important as they are the most visited. These pages are responsible for the contact with the reality of your website, i.e. they are responsible for establishing customer trust to your business. The increased attention is given to these pages on the development of descriptions and graphical representations (photos, videos, presentations, etc.).

Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

Servise: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart, MODx ...
Servise: Client attraction, TOP positions, good reputation ...
Servise: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn ...