Medical site design

Seeking for a way to find more patients online? Let them find out about your services – on a website with well-thought out design

  • Customized solution
  • Improved usability
  • More visitors to patients

Being a trustable medical practice with high-qualified personnel is no more enough for attracting new clients. New clinics and practices are popping all around and doing everything possible to gain traffic and turn visitors into clients. Competing with them includes creating customized design for your medical site.

customized design enabling better usability and higher traffic

Let's expand your
business together!

Let’s provide best user experience for your potential customers

We know what’s so special about creating design for a medical web page and are ready to use our best knowledge

Make a good first impression
First impressions count
Get a visitor interested
“Land” them with your innocuous design
Reach your audience
Speak to your clients through design elements
Achieve your goals
Reach what you are striving for with responsive design
Don’t settle for average
Every website is customized for your specifications
Channel your own vision
Let us know what you have in mind

Your site will shine with your new design

Understanding the importance of web design for medical practices

Medical practices now face high competiveness in their field. New clients come from the Internet, and no one really wants to end up in a situation where another business with less qualified and experienced specialists steal your patients. There’s one of the things your competitors are working hard for: user friendly design. 

  • We understand what makes working on the medical site design different;
  • We know how valuable online reputation of a medical practice is and have all the right tools to present your business the best way possible;
  • We are aware of all the benefits that you get from having a customized design concept;
  • We let you do things that make you successful while we’re gaining expertise and deploying our solutions.

Figuring out our goals

No one knows your business and medical services you provide better than you. We want to get to know you better and we are one conversation and a couple of cups of coffee away from understanding your marketing objectives. Together we set goals specifically for your medical practice and decide on design elements together based on:

  • The niche you take: if you specialize in a certain or multiple areas;
  • The audience you plan to attract;
  • Actions you want your visitors to take which defines the placement of calls-to-action, developing the navigation system and the site structure;
  • Your vision of your website: color palette, shapes, pictures and graphics.

Defining what a good medical website is

Together we are working toward two goals: meeting the requirements for what makes up a good medical website capable of attracting high value medical patients and bringing your own vision to life. We take basic standards for neat and clean design associated with wellness and health and add elements of your choice be it rotating graphics or eye-catching buttons. These are the steps we take:

  • Figuring out what your vision for your website is;
  • Sending you a questionnaire or arranging a meeting to make your expectations clear;
  • Designing the overall look and feel of your website;
  • Developing the site together with the team of SEO-specialists and copywriters until you are fully satisfied with the result;
  • Deploying the site after your approval.

Impress your visitors and make them stay

Creating a logo and branding

Aside from trustable, we should strive to make your business recognizable which is best achieved through visual symbols. A logo and everything related to the branding of your medical business are the first things that your potential clients notice. Meeting the same requirements as for creating the overall design of your medical site will help visitors memorize you and derive associations with wellness and health from you imagery.

  • We use traditional medical symbols that are recognizable for everyone, but approach them in a new way;
  • We pick best colors associated with the medical field: bold, but not distracting;
  • We strive for balance and easily understandable elements at any size.

Caring about mobile friendliness

Every fourth web search is done from a smartphone or a tablet. It means a crucial part of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices. Some would say they don’t need a mobile version since they don’t gain much traffic from there – but that’s the main reason why they don’t get more visitors. The design compatible with mobile devices makes a webpage more trustable for search engines. And obviously it improves user experience: a visitor doesn’t need to zoom in and out and scroll back and forth just to get more comfortable while reading. Our solution:

  • Understanding behavior of mobile users and implementing simpler enquiry forms and overall more user-friendly design for your webpage;
  • Meeting the needs of mobile users and not letting the rankings of your website suffer;
  • Making visitors return to the website if they were satisfied with their user experience;
  • Converting more visitors into patients.

Choosing unique

We want you to stand out among your competitors. Although we’re adhering to the general rules of creating the design for a medical website – neat and clean elements, recognizable imagery and friendly visuals – we want to add something that makes you special.

  • We create design from scratch;
  • We don’t use templates;
  • Every site is designed for your specifications;
  • We create different looking internal pages which however make up for cohesive design together.


Additional services

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