Marketing for law firms:

we are professionals in it  

We are experts in the sphere of search engine optimization. We prepared the best methods for your business.  

  • We will analyze your competitors' promotion and create a SEO plan for yours 
  • Marketig for law firms needs our on-page and off-page SEO strategies 

Your law firm will be popular among customers. You will make good profit from it.

from 990$
Time Frame: 
from 5 days
New clients which can be your constant customers

Let's expand your
business together!

Daily development
Every day we create selling interesting articles for the requests of potential customers
Every article is effective
1 customer's request = 1 quality article + products by the request
Orders after 1 month
Customers from search will make the first order in only a month
Promotion forever
Effective pages, perpetual reviews and links on third-party resources - every day!
Customers will not pass by
We will collect each target and related inquiries of your customers
Google, Mail, Yandex
We will capture all customers - from Google, Yandex, Mail and Rambler

Effective marketing for law firms

What should you know about our services

To increase the traffic and flow of customers to a law firm, you can contact our company. We can help you achieve serious and long-term results, using our unique marketing technologies. This will bring tangible results in the first months after launch. Our work will achieve the desired traffic monthly. Learn more about our services and be sure that they will help your law firm succeed.

  • Only time-tested technology and marketing tools that were created in the company Zexler by our experts
  • Perfect development of the site's semantic core
  • Attraction of only pure targeted traffic to your site
  • Discussion of all important steps with the client 
  • Guaranteed result

Reporting and results

We will work daily on the marketing strategy of legal services firm. Our specialists are ready to provide reports on the results of the work, so that you get a clear picture of the progress of the promotion. We will analyze our achievements using the technology of "Zexler". 

  • We identify the most popular requests for a unique technology.
  • Optimize the campaign.
  • We will ensure achievement of planned results quickly.
  • Provide reporting in the dynamics, reflecting the planned and actual indicators.
  • Significantly reduce your costs.

Using our experience, you can confidently compete your attractive website.

We working on your projects every day!

Launch optimization

Promotion for law firms     

Creating the core of queries

The very first step in any project we are working on in the Zexler team is to study the business area of our client. We cannot miss this step, because it will help us to create the semantic core as completely as possible. Using Zexler technology, you will get a stream of perfectly targeted visitors to your site.

  • Working with headliners (creating a list)
  • Collecting the core of search queries from the list described above
  • Breakdown of keywords and phrases into groups
  • Clearing a word list from garbage by a computer
  • Clearing the word list of garbage by hand

Making your website infrastructure the perfect one

We always come to what makes of the semantic core a real catalog of keywords. In this directory, navigation is usually available, convenient for professionals. Then we come up with tasks and distribute them to our copywriters:

  • Structuring the above query directories
  • Distribution of tasks for copywriters and word processors for writing professional texts and articles for each catalog
  • Developing themes for advertising articles and writing them with copywriters
  • Distribution of tasks for the rewriters to process old articles on the site

Need more mentions of your business on the Internet

We are expanding the core of search queries so that more users of the Global Network can learn about your project. Below is how we do it:

  • Natural anchors for all pages of the site - one of the main ways
  • Your website needs more articles and reviews about your services on third-party resources
  • Large-scale work to increase the presence in social networks (SMM)

Law firm marketing is different, but we can work with it

Non-stop daily development of the infrastructure

We are working on your website together with you so that your project will become as structured as possible and meet the desire of your target customers.

  • More and more effective marketing pages
  • A new article for every important search query
  • Rewriting the existing articles and creating new ones
  • Linking all the pages inside your site


We’ve worked with a lot of projects in this business sphere, so we already have our statistics. After we’ve done with some project we always do something like a resume for our customer. That’s what you will know from our analysis: 

  • Improving the positions in the most popular search engines  
  • Search traffic data and a plan how we’re going to improve it
  • The full list of the works we’ve done for your project and how they did work together (and also links to newly created effective pages)
Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

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