Maintenance & Support

Everyday support and development of your website. It works twenty-four seven.

  • Constant requests of your clients
  • High speed of the website
  • Antivirus protection

Do you have a project? Let’s do it together!

Everyday website support, development of its selling features. Your website is working twenty-four hours a day!

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Any project in a short period of time
Uninterrupted website operation

Let's expand your
business together!

Support and development are key conditions for permanent business growth

We provide your website with high speed, protect it from viruses and DDoS-attacks and develop effetive features

Maintenance to keep your website in working condition. It can sell all the time
Everyday support to keep your website in form
Support helps clients to buy your goods and services without errors and twenty-four seven
Ordering goods and services
Services and goods appear on your website and attract customers
Everything is for your customers
Customer-oriented website interface will be easy-to-use and well-considered
Everyone will find the answer
All users’ questions about your products will be answered on the Internet

Professional support of our company

Website working control

You can continue running your business without thinking about your website. We will do everything in order to increase your sales. Our task - to control stable website operation:


  • Our team creates conditions for uninterrupted connection;
  • We use optimal settings;
  • Speialists provide your clients with twenty-four seven access;
  • Everything works without errors;
  • We check the load of the server;
  • Do back-ups.


There are several reasons for appearance of errors and bugs on the website, e.g. bad internet connection, irregular settings etc. We can find everything. Our developers check every line of code and quickly remove irregularities. We are ready to monitor every process according to an agreement which we conclude before starting. We do the following:


  • Check every process;
  • Implement troubleshooting;
  • Analyze reasons of such problems;
  • Delete viruses;
  • Renew information on the website;
  • Add news, goods, services, other pages etc.;
  • Create all conditions for avoiding future bugs.

Consultations and support

Our professional team not only does work concerning to your website but is ready to answer your questions. We can offer our own ideas about website development and take into accout your solutions. Every step is coordinated with an owner of web-resource. We can answer the following questions:


  • what is better to use for increasing your sales;
  • what modifications should be used;
  • how to attract clients;
  • what is necessary to change on your website;
  • what audience visits your website;
  • how search engins treat the website etc.

Effective improvement by Zexler

Team work is better

For effective development of a website it is necessary to address professional company. Good specialists can do much more than one person especially when they have experience. They take into account all details that are so important for great business prosperity:

  • We know all nuances of excellent development;

  • Our team develops websites everyday;

  • We understand how make your website sell;

  • Specialists like what they do;

  • Our works prove our skills.



Sure methods to improve a website

Zexler uses such methods that were checked many times. So, we are sure of them. Every day our team studies current situation on the market. In such a way, we found out about competitive spheres, what attracts potential customers and how to use an individual approach.

  • We assume a responsibility for development while you continue to run the business;

  • We use common and our own methods in order to improve your website;

  • The website will work, make progress, attract new clients and bring a profit;

  • Our team upgrates your website if it is necessary;

  • Specialists can also promote it and make more popular among customers.


Professional supportfor stable work

Your website works good

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Serveces that we offer

Basic services that you can get

We offer different tariffs for our clients. You can choose the most appropriate onefor your website. They differ in lisy of services. If you order maximum tariff, you will get not only support and improvement of your website but also SEO, contextual advertising, SMM and some others.

  • Backups;
  • Daily Malware Scanning;
  • Personal manager;
  • Server Security;
  • Log Files;
  • Site Statistics;
  • Hosting;
  • Responsive Website Design and lots more!

Additional services

Our specialists always do their work responsibly. They can advise something for your website and tell how to improve it in order to get more profit. We will protect your website and even make it better. We can offer additional services which will help to upgrate it and make more useful for customers. We offer the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
  • Contextual advertising:
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM);
  • Redesign;
  • Content strategy;
  • Copywriting etc.


Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

Servise: Target audience, catchy advertisement, attractive texts ...
Servise: Client attraction, TOP positions, good reputation ...
Servise: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn ...