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Our professional designers’ team will propose you the best solution for your business logo. 

  • We develop unique and attractive logo for our customers with an individual approach.
  • We can guarantee your future profit and increase in sales with our designed brand logo. 

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Quality logo will provide your popularity and increase in sales 

It will increase your recognition on the Internet

Recognition of your brand
Your business will be known through whole Internet.
Unique and unusual ideas
Be ready to get attractive and unrepeatable logo.
Individual approach.
Personalized work with different versions of your future logo.
For your target audience
Logo is a key feature of your business, and clients will not pass you by!
The best solution
You will find your perfect logo with our professional designers.
Sales growth
We guarantee first results in 2 weeks!

Logo is a distinctive sign of your company

Tasks of a logo

A logo is an image that consists of graphic and textual elements and symbolizes a company or brand. Today any self-respecting company has its own logo which helps to recognize it from thousands of others. It is placed on the product itself, advertising products (banners, posters, small printed materials) and on a company’s website. The logo should be unique and memorable, associated with the kind of products that the company produces. That is why the logo can become a distinctive sign of your company and allow you to solve several important tasks:

  • To increase the recognition of a brand.
  • To form users’ trust.
  • To increase the popularity of a company.
  • To provide customers’ loyalty.
  • To stand out among competitors.

The benefits of the company with its own logo

Own logo gives the company tangible benefits. It is easy to understand that clients are more likely to buy the products that are produced under a certain brand. The logo evokes positive associations such as “quality”, “popularity” and “trust”. When you order a logo design in the company “Zexler”, you can be sure that your customers will trust you even more than before, and your new clients will pay attention to you. The quality logo will provide your popularity and increase in sales, and thus a profit growth.

The arguments of developing your own logo:

  • positive associations among customers;
  • significant competitive advantage;
  • increasing the popularity of the company;
  • growth of the customer base and active attraction of new customers;
  • significant increase of profits.

The stages of the logo design

Exploring business and creating a concept

In order to create a quality logo we need to do a thorough preparation. Our specialist will explore the sphere of your business and they will develop an original concept. It is necessary to know - who are the main customers of the company, what associations the brand causes and whether the company had a logo before. The logo directly depends on the business sphere, the scale of the business and the characteristics of the target audience. We will do everything in order your logo matches the ideas of your customers. We will also sign a contract which will reflect the terms of our cooperation.

  • Personal meeting and discussion of the details.
  • Research of your business.
  • Development of an elaborate concept.
  • Search for original solutions.
  • Orientation to the target audience.
  • Signing of the contract: indication of cost and time.

Development of different versions

Our designers will create several initial versions of the logo. Sometimes the discussion of the concept and analysis of the target audience is not enough to prepare a perfect solution. In developing process of the logo we will use corporate colors of the company with complement of one main element and additional one. We will not overload the logo. We will make it simple, but individual and beautiful. We will definitely coordinate the developed options with you and choose the best one that meets your expectations. Our specialists use an individual and creative approach. They get elaborate and original solutions that catch their clients.

  • Development of various variants of the logo: creation of sketches.
  • Usage of branded colors.
  • Simplicity and conciseness of the logo.
  • Originality and beauty.
  • Individual approach to each client.
  • Choosing the best solution.

Perfection in details

After we stop on the final version of the logo, we will begin its detailed elaboration. Our designers will refine each detail which will make the logo beautiful, bright and memorable. We will work in a special editor, where it is convenient to select different colors, adjust the size and position of the elements. The final version will be an organic solution that meets modern trends. We will make sure that the logo conforms to all legal norms (no coincidences with other brands). You will be pleasantly surprised by our individual approach and attention to detail.

  • Work in a special editor.
  • Compliance with legal standards.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Bright and memorable sign.
  • Individual approach.

Feel the result!

Impact on sales

With us you can be sure that the logo will cope with the tasks at 100%! We will create for you such a trademark that will not go unnoticed! We know how to attract customers, and we will do our best to make your business prosperous. You will get an effective promotion at minimum cost and guaranteed results in 2 weeks - users will surely appeal to you.

  • Guaranteed sales growth.
  • Effective attraction of new customers.
  • Increased trust.
  • Increase in the popularity of the company.
  • Significant profit growth.

Why we?

The company “Zexler” has been engaged in the advertising business for several years. Behind us is a rich and diverse experience, hundreds of satisfied customers and a lot of positive feedback. Our specialists are competent professionals who are used to working for the result. Turning to us for the “Logo design” service, you can be assured of our individual approach, attention to detail and professional flair. We are happy to provide you only the high-quality result and to take on ourselves the solution of the problem of any complexity.

  • Rich experience in designing logos.
  • Competent designers.
  • Professional and individual approach to the business.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Quality and fast results!
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