Local SEO

The creation of a monumental resource with developed infrastructure for online sales. First results within 2 weeks.

  • We have huge experience in local SEO and we will prove it for you.
  • You will be visible for customers from your area.
  • We can guarantee the best achievements of our work with local SEO.

Local SEO is the most effective strategy for your website optimization

Check how it will work for your busness and you will get the fastest results!

Development of the website in accordance with local queries
We regularly fill your website with selling articles for customers’ queries.
Articles for sales
1 customer’s query = 1 article + products on query.
Clients from the search after 2 weeks
Local customers from the search after 2 weeks will purchase from your website.
Eternal links and infrastructure.
We provide eternal results for the stable sales through the landing pages on the website, eternal reviews and backlinks.
The customers will be interested in your offers
We consider target and related queries of your clients in the stated region.
Google, Bing, Yahoo
Search engines work for your sales.

What can we do in order to grow your sales – our commercial offer

We undertake obligations

We commit to achieve the global goal - to increase sales through the Internet. We will:

  • Daily increase the number of pages on the website.
  • Expand the query engine and the presence in accordance to the stated region.
  • Extend eternal linking mass.
  • Post information on social media.

We report on the results achieved

We are constantly globalizing sales infrastructure on the Internet. The results of our actions are transparent and easy to measure (already in the planning stage):

  • The amount of published materials is new landing pages on your website.
  • The amount of investments is going in the eternal link mass.
  • The increase of search traffic is divided by months.

Professional team with the best portfolio

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Services on improving your marketing implement on the Internet

The semantic core for your website taking into account with local peculiarities

For the qualitative upgrading of your website it is important to collect the fullest core of queries, by which the potential customers can search you in the stated region. We are making:

  • Collection of headliners (for example, textiles, toys, mobile phones, etc.).
  • Preparation the core queries for headliners (Zexler’s technology for the collection of queries from wordstat, tips, search results and relevant hints).
  • Creating queries’ groups for selling characteristics.
  • Algorithmic purification of the core from the “garbage” queries (Zexler’s technology).
  • Filtering queries by our analyst in a manual mode.

The task of developing the internal infrastructure of the website

With the presence of core queries it needs to be brought to a balanced catalogue with convenient navigation, and detailed task should be prepared for copywriters to develop the website infrastructure (writing articles and filling the website):

  • Development of the catalogue structure for the website.
  • Formation of the task to copywriters for catalogue categories.
  • Preparation of the task for authors of selling articles.
  • Creation a task for rewriting of existing landing pages.
  • Creation a task for internal linking of website pages.

Planning of works to increase the external presence of the website on the Internet

The core of the queries and the planned structure of the website require elaboration of measures to increase the presence on the Internet (mentions) of your website. It needs:

  • To create a list of natural anchors for each page that is attracting customers of your website.
  • To clarify targeting (by subject, region and indicators) of the sites for posting reviews.
  • To prepare a task for purchasing an eternal linking mass.
  • To create a task for social media activity.

Work with landing pages – preliminary stage

Explore the catalogue and menu for its output.

  • Monitoring types of materials (e.g. useful articles/blogs/news) for placing landing pages with a target action and a menu for its output.
  • To obtain descriptions for working with the catalogue and landing pages from the technical specialists of the website.
  • If necessary, there is the development, design and implementation of these solutions by the team of external development of Zexler.

On-page and Off-page SEO are the best techniques for the website optimization

Growth in traffic and conversions everyday

Optimize your website

SEO with the consideration of local aspects

Picking up temporary links and working with them

In the website optimization it is often used the temporary links. It is very important to pick them up, fluently transfer your website into eternal links with the increase positions and traffic. For these results we:

  • Collect the indexed links from the Google webmaster.
  • Analyze which links are temporal and which are eternal (Zexler’s technology).
  • Create on the stock exchange of temporary links a supporting (temporary!) campaign from the same or similar websites.

The growth of mentions of your website

For getting your website the opportunity for sustainable customer engagement from search it is important to increase the website's presence on the Internet with the most eternal methods:

  • To purchase eternal links on the landing pages.
  • To place thematic reviews on third-party resources (plus targeted traffic).
  • To post on social media: in comments, users’ pages and communities.

The content of the website

A variety of materials posted on your website allows you to make the website as much as possible satisfying the queries of your potential customers, and hence the search engine:

  • Creation of landing pages is a catalogue for the website.
  • Creation of landing pages (articles on query with a target action) it is useful articles.
  • Working out of separate pages with the spacing on subdomains or embedding of a regional sign in the URL of pages (if necessary).
  • Optimization (rewriting) of existing landing pages.
  • Internal linking of landing pages on the website.

Informing the client

On a weekly basis, Zexler’s team examines the results of attracting customers from search in order to present it to our client. This analytics contains:

  • Dynamics of positions on the query core for Google, Bing and Yahoo. 
  • Dynamics of traffic from the search and plan / fact analysis.
  • Links for newly created landing pages on your website.
Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

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