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What does it take to win the competition as a lawyer? It takes high qualification, relevant experience, good reputation, and immaculate online presence. Times are changing, and the chances of your business to survive and flourish depend heavily on how you present yourself on the Internet.

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The SEO Strategy your lawyer practice deserves

Is it this important?

Do you know what your potential clients do before they call you or step in your office? They search for a service related to what you do online. And search engines do everything possible to provide their users with the most relevant results giving out links to the best sites out there. It is in your interests to see your website among these results.

  • The field of lawyer services requires you to make your online presence trustable;
  • We work hard on satisfying both search engines and your visitors;
  • We make your site come up among search results and avoid getting penalized by search systems by playing by their rules.

For you special

We know that you deeply care about your lawyer business that cost you so many efforts. And we want to know your story and every little detail that makes your lawyer practice special. We need this to develop a customized SEO strategy which proved to be the best option when it comes to promoting a company online. So we are one conversation way from finding out:

  • Your market niche and if you specialize in a certain or multiple areas of jurisdiction;
  • Your typical clients, what they look for, and how they behave;
  • Actions you want your visitors to take which defines the placement of calls-to-action, developing the navigation system and the site structure;
  • Your previous experience with search engine optimization.

Working on and off site

Search engine optimization includes analyzing the situation outside your website, as well as working and making changes within it. Our idea of working on a good SEO strategy for your lawyer business is to never rush in. Building up online presence of a business in this field requires us a thorough investigation:

  • Keywords in your niche that can help us build up a semantic core;
  • Strategies and techniques your competitors use;
  • Analyzing the overall performance of your website;
  • Coming up with the list of necessary improvements.


Build trustable online presence

All the right words

If your potential client types in, say, “divorce lawyer Miami”, will he or she see your site on the search engine result page? They will, if you made their request your keyword and used it wisely while working on your website. Keyword research is a crucial part of a SEO-strategy. We can do it right and we can do it creative:

  • We use a variety of powerful SEO tools to research keywords in your niche;
  • We know that optimizing your website for simple searches is not enough and we are ready to come up with more specific keywords and target locations so people from your area could find you lawyer practice;
  • We know how to use the names of the procedures and services you offer wisely and implement them in meta information, written content and URLs.

Playing by the rules

Almost every website owner is familiar with the phenomenon that we call “Google Dance”. Your site comes up and then sinks down among the search results leaving you confused about the future of your online promotion plans. There’s a lot of information on how you can cheat search engine guidelines which on rare occasions can help you, but most likely will get you penalized. That’s why we choose:

  • To comply with search system guidelines and follow their rules;
  • Play fair and really improve your Internet platform instead of making believe;
  • Be aware of the latest updates in the SEO industry and adjust our strategy to them;
  • Give up on techniques that are becoming obsolete and useless.

Make your visitors happy

Unless a person studied law, the chances are he or she has very vague ideas about the jurisdiction system, but has a problem that they need to solve as soon as possible. We want your visitors to feel at ease and will make it happen with a site that meet their needs and doesn’t make things more complicated for them. For search engines user friendliness is one of the most important criteria for evaluating your site’s relevance. That’s why we make sure:

  • Your site has a responsive design that is adjustable to any mobile device so that your visitors can access it any time anywhere;
  • The written content is pleasant to read and shows your expertise;
  • The page load speed is high enough to meet the search engine requirements.
Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

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