Lawyer marketing:

solutions for law businesses

We use the best methods which can help to make progress in optimization

  • We study competitive websites and use keyword research to make a successful SEO plan
  • On-site and off-site strategies for your business goals achievement

Do you have a project? Let’s do it together!

Website promotion for effective business  

We work on your sales infrastracture every day. You will get you first order in only a month! 

Daily development
Every day we create selling interesting articles for the requests of potential customers
Every article is effective
1 customer's request = 1 quality article + products by the request
Orders after 1 month
Customers from search will make the first order in only a month
Promotion forever
Effective pages, perpetual reviews and links on third-party resources - every day!
Customers will not pass by
We will collect each target and related inquiries of your customers
Google, Mail, Yandex
We will capture all customers - from Google, Yandex, Mail and Rambler

Making law services promotion effective

What can we offer?

Every law firm website owner wants to increase web traffic to his site and make this traffic clean. We all know that only target audience can help you to increase sales. When we are talking about law services it’s much harder. We have professional experience in law firm’s promotion so you need to apply us to succeed.

  • We tested all the technologies we use in our projects for marketing
  • We know everything about composing semantic core
  • We know how you can get only target audience to your website
  • We always contact our customers and discuss with them every stage of work
  • We can give you 100% guaranteed results


We work hard on every project. Zexler team members love interesting businesses and for law firms it’s always so. Our specialists have a huge experience in this sphere so we have our perfect strategy for this type of projects and for sure we have our successful statistics. We will analyze our achievements using our own technology.   

  • We will search for the most popular search requests in your sphere.
  • We will optimize the campaigns you already have.
  • We will create a plan for your promotion.
  • We will send you all reports every week.

Using our experience, you can confidently compete your attractive website.

We working on your projects every day!

Launch optimization

Lawyer marketing strategy

A full semantic core is our main goal  

If you have never heard about a semantic core you should be very new to SEO technologies. The core of search queries is the first stage of any project in Zexler. We created our own technology for working with it and will be happy to share it with our future customers.

  • Composing a fool list of headliners
  • Creating the core from the list of headliners
  • Making separate groups of search words and phrases
  • Deleting all garbage from groups of search queries
  • Manual clearing

You will not get any results without working with infrastructure

Our goal here is creating a fool catalog of search words and phrases. After dealing with it we only need to create technical tasks for our content makers:  

  • Creating an infrastructure of search query catalogs
  • Technical tasks for our authors which will write unique texts
  • Creating topics for marketing articles
  • Creating tasks for our rewriters

We will increase the number of mentions of your lawyer business

We come back to our semantic core to expand it even more. This will help to increase the popularity of your website:

  • We create natural anchor for every webpage
  • We write more articles and reviews for your business
  • Social Media Marketing

How do we work with lawyer business?

Infrastructure is the most important  

We always discuss every stage of our work with the customer, so we can tell that this is our cooperative work. We are trying to make the structure of your website the perfect one together with you.

  • Adding to your website new effective webpages  
  • Working with every search query (creating SEO article)  
  • Rewriting the existing articles on your website to make them better

Our success history  

We have a lot of happy customers, which applied to us. We helped their businesses to succeed and want to help yours. Every week we send our customers reports. That’s what you will know from our analysis: 

  • Changing your website’s search positions   
  • Search traffic data
  • SEO plan for the next week
  • The full list of the works we’ve done
Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

Servise: Client attraction, TOP positions, good reputation ...

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