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Team experience and proficiency provide the highest level of service

  • Effective and fresh design
  • Enhanced usability by means of Drupal
  • Continuous client support


Do you have a project? Let’s do it together!

Web development of an effective landing page which can attract many customers and tell everyone about your business. A good solution for your business growth!

Time Frame: 
2-4 weeks
Elaborated mobile-friendly landing page

Let's expand your
business together!

Our solutions aimed to sell. Site visitors become clients
Subscriptions increase client call flow
Landing page informs clients about your goods approaches and services advantages
Ordering goods and services
Services and goods appear on your website and attract customers
Everything is for your customers
Customer-oriented website interface will be easy-to-use and well-considered
Everyone will find the answer
All users’ questions about your products will be answered on the Internet

We go deeply into your business and make a concept of your landing page

We ask you about your products and customers

Good landing page must solve your task. That is why we ask you about all the details of your business (e.g. during a meeting with a cup of coffee in our office).

  • What you sell: goods, services or something else;
  • What are the main directions for earning: sales, installation, delivery etc.;
  • Price segmentation of your product;
  • Client type: natural person, legal entity or their combination;
  • FAQ: what’s the guarantee? Is it new? Do you have delivery services?
  • Frequently clients’ objections.

We model user stories

We imagine user stories with descriptions of customers’ wishes, concerns emphasizing important things for your clients. We do the following:

  • Single out groups of potential clients: businessmen, photographers, parents etc.;
  • Describe a portrait of your client: gender, age, size of business;
  • If you have already had your website and used Google Analytics, we analyze the current users;
  • Single out basic concerns and wishes for every group of clients.

We create a concept for satisfying your clients’ wishes

Modeling of your clients’ possible description and behavior, we develop a sales concept for your online business. It has answers to clients’ concerns and wishes. We do the following:

  • Emphasize answers to frequently asked questions;
  • Handle answers to every client’s concern;
  • Create motivational slogans for your solutions;
  • Describe basic structural blocks of your landing page;
  • Make demands on design and development of your website pages.

Prototype of your landing page: good navigation and catchy texts

The structure which motivates your client to purchase

We develop a structure on the basis of your user stories. It will motivate your potential customer to do something: to make an order, to call, to get a quote etc.

  • We single out basic structural elements for your clients’ questions;
  • We put them in order according to the importance for potential customers;
  • We show the best advantages of your product;
  • We lead a client to a bargain: we motivate to call you or to fill a form.

Words and phrases that can attract your customers

We pay attention to words especially those ones which will be placed on your landing page. Catchy texts of Zexler company will necessarily induce your clients to contact you.

  • Every word or phrase solves a particular task of your potential client;
  • Every form or button is personalized on your landing page;
  • We emphasize in particular your advantages.

Unique design and good work; we develop your landing page

Fascinating design which emphasizes your product

Our designers develop stylish and informative design in the context of a prototype of your landing page. It emphasizes peculiarities of your product. We personalize design of your landing according to your business.

  • We always develop easy and understandable design;
  • We elaborate main questions of your clients in the design;
  • We create “delicious” images of your product;
  • We polish up every button and form on your landing page

Your landing page is quick and usable for every device

Your online resource (landing page) must work correctly and be used on any devices: PC, tablets, smartphones. For this purpose our team of web developers and front-end developers can make source code of your website. It becomes optimal according to productivity and is adapted to computers and mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

  • We optimize your website to different screen sizes;
  • We make front-end web development for all popular browsers;
  • Your website will be available for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Asus and other smartphones and tablets.

Control system, monitoring of requests and Google Analytics (or Yandex.Metrika) with set aims

We will necessarily provide your landing page with hosting and support for 6 months. We also can provide you with the following:

  • Control system which can regulate prices, descriptions, motivators;
  • Request monitoring system which can send you notifications to your e-mail. These notifications can contain clients’ requests in one table;
  • Tools for web statistics in Google Analytics (or Yandex.Metrika) with targeted actions. It allows measuring effectiveness of different advertising channels.
Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

Servise: Effective graphic elements, 3D images, an individual style ...
Servise: Target audience, catchy advertisement, attractive texts ...
Servise: Client attraction, TOP positions, good reputation ...

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