Google SEO

Seeking for a position on the first page of Google results? We may know a couple of secrets about how you can achieve it

  • Going up in search results
  • Gaining traffic
  • Improving usability

Facts are speaking for themselves: 1.17 billions of people use Google regularly making about 500,000 searches per minute. We can’t overestimate the importance of creating a Google-friendly website and want to make sure that every time one of 1.17 billions of people searches for something related to your business they see you on the first page.

a customized strategy perfectly compatible with Google search engines

Let's expand your
business together!

Let’s make friends with Google search engines

You get a customized SEO-strategy that helps you achieve higher Google search engine rankings

Tell Google what pages your site includes
We achieve it by creating a site map
Build trust factors
Google ranks trustable sites higher
Boost rankings in a particular area
A server’s location can help with that
Gain traffic from mobile devices
A mobile- and Google-friendly site attracts visitors
Verify the site
Google Webmasters Tools help with your sites indexing
Rank higher than ever
Our Google SEO-strategy will help you achieve it

Get more content discovered, improve conversion rates and create lasting results

We understand your Marketing Objectives

No one knows your business and services you provide better than you. We want to get to know you better and we are one conversation and a couple of cups of coffee away from understanding your marketing objectives. Together we set Google SEO-goals specifically for your business whether you need raw traffic, increase sales or raise conversion. Based on what you do we will find out:

  • The niche you take: if you specialize in a certain or multiple areas;
  • The audience you plan to attract;
  • What search request your potential clients may use to solve their specific problem;

How to optimize the content of your webpage to make it Google-friendly.

We know how to get along with Google

Ranking high on Google is very important, and we both understand. Basically being among the top results means free advertising and everything that comes from it – more visitors and higher conversion. Google regularly makes updates on how it evaluate web pages and we know quite a few secrets how to gain its trust through

  • High quality content and regular updates;
  • Meta data;
  • Relevant links;
  • Alternative text descriptions.

We create a mobile version that is Google-friendly

When Google started mobile-first indexing a couple of years ago, many considered it a mere experiment when in reality it was a first move towards prioritizing sites with mobile versions. A mobile version benefits everyone: it makes search engines, specifically Google search engines, trust your web page, rank you higher in the search results and attract more visitors. Just a few advantages:

  • Your site becomes more trustable;
  • You gain more traffic from mobile devices;
  • The mobile version of your site leaves visitors satisfied with their user experience;
  • They are encouraged to take an action you want from them through simple design and easy navigation.

Compete successfully with other businesses in your field

We know how to use keywords

Some say that keywords as we know them are dead. There were times when Google collected data from a site based solely on keywords, but now it may be not that relevant. Web marketers used to abuse keywords putting too much of them in the body of a website, and that’s not the path we want to take while working on your case and developing your Google SEO-strategy.

  • We are aware of multiple creative ways to research relevant keywords for your type of business
  • We know how to place keywords and that it matters more than their frequency
  • We know how Google interpret the data on your website and what conclusions it may draw based on the present content and keywords.

We know how to use Google tools

Dealing with the capital G can be very annoying if you do it on your own. Even online marketers and SEO-specialists have love/ hate relationship with it. Aside from making your rankings flux and making updates that mess up your best efforts to optimize your web page Google offers quite useful tools. We think that we must squeeze the best out of them and make it a big part of developing your Google SEO-strategy:

  • We spot issues and take a peek at how Google sees your page with Google Search Console;
  • Get analytics data;
  • Compare traffic for different search terms through Google trends;
  • Provide you free costumers surveys;
  • Get your business a local listing on Google.

We don’t try to manipulate search engines

Every site owner should care about their visitors as much as Google cares about them. Google wants its users to get only the best sites among the highest ranking and works hard to evaluate your content fairly. If you don’t cooperate by improving your page and try to manipulate Google search engines you can get penalized for a period of time. That’s what we want to avoid at all costs while working with you and that’s what we consider faux-pas:

  • Stuffing your content with keywords excessively;
  • Scraping or duplicating content instead of generating original;
  • Overusing meta keywords;
  • Creating multiple landing pages;
  • Over-optimization.
Additional services

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