Facebook Remarketing 

Advertising in social networks is one of the most effective solutions to promote your business.

  • We will "warm up" your clients.
  • You will recieve quality remarketing strategies.
  • Your advertisement will be visible for your potential customers

Attrective and quality advertisement on Facebook

Get ready to recieve more oders from the social media users

We “warm up” a client
Remarketing allows you to prepossess the client to your company and to “warm up” for sale.
Setting up an advertisement for similar customers’ profiles on Facebook.
Facebook pixel
Setup and implementation of a tracking Facebook pixel.
Target audience
Remarketing bring only users who have shown interest to your product.
Special offers for your clients
We are telling Facebook users about your special offers and advantages.
Clients will not pass you by
We convince customers to make a re-purchase, complete the order in the basket or send their contacts.

Advertising that will promote your business with the best results

Facebook remarketing is an effective solution

The main purpose of remarketing is to assure a potential customer to make a purchase on the advertiser’s site. Remarketing technology will not let your customers forget for a long time that they have visited your website in search of a service. When you order Facebook remarketing, you get substantial advantages:

  • The ability to offer the product only to those buyers who are interested in it.

  • A high conversion growth.

  • A significant increase in sales.

  • The minimum cost.    

  • The fast result.

Discuss the details

It is crucial to comply with all the requirements and wishes of the client, so we will discuss in detail the remarketing in Facebook.

  • We answer all your questions.
  • We set goals.
  • We discuss tasks.
  • We set up an advertising campaign.
  • We carry out an analysis.

Facebook is a perfect platform for your advertisements

Facebook platform is the best choice

Facebook is an international social network. It has a very high-quality audience. If your business is initially aimed at the markets of various countries, Facebook will be your indispensable platform for advertisements.

  • A multi-million audience with different ages and needs.
  • A large number of entrepreneurs;
  • Wide opportunities for cooperation;
  • Guaranteed result with qualitative adjustment of remarketing from “Zexler”.

Purposes of Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing is very operative for companies with a “long” order. It is a crucial instrument if you need:

  • To “warm up” your client;
  • To do re-sales;
  • To sell goods in the basket;
  • To bring new promotions and special offers.

Effective strategies

An efficient adjustment of Facebook remarketing is very complex and multifaceted. Its system includes a large number of point tools. Only with constant testing of advertising options and analytics of visits you can not only increase the return on this channel, but also optimize your investments.

  • We implement pixels in Facebook.
  • We install pixel tracking for lookalike-targeting.
  • We set up personalized advertisement.
  • We promote and advertize your business offers.

Social Media Marketing - perfect way to declare about business

The most popular and modern strategies!

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Features of Facebook Remarketing

Pixel Facebook - install, configure and initiate for the work

Remarketing on Facebook is based on a tool that tracks users and their actions on the website. The options for setting remarketing depend on competent adjustment of remarketing on Facebook. It is necessary to consider:

  • Tracking data for the lookalike-targeting - automatic synchronization of the completed applications on the website;
  • Setting up the differentiation on mobile and desktop audience.

Audiences for remarketing

Probably one of the most powerful tools in the Facebook arsenal is the ability to display personalized advertisements to the list of customers which you have collected before. With the help of the list of clients advertising on Facebook is becoming more like email-marketing and helps to target certain people with personalized messages. We need to use all 4 options for creating audiences for remarketing. We create audience:

  • From a file (id, e-mail);
  • From the subscription database and CRM;
  • From mobile app;
  • From the website visitors.

Reporting by results of the work

Our experts will formulate for you a convenient strategy, set advertisements and examine results. We will reduce and optimize your costs with high indicators.

  • Professionals and advertising specialists.
  • Specially developed techniques for increasing the amount of clients.
  • The cost optimization.
  • High conversions.
Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

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