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Seeking for a way to take your online business to the whole new level? We offer you ecommerce web development options that will serve your purposes just right

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Web development is never easy. Things are getting even more complicated when it comes to developing an ecommerce website. Fortunately we know a couple of secrets and are aware of nuances to which we need to pay closer attention to make a user friendly ecommerce website that will help your business flourish.

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Setting goals

Having a robust ecommerce website is the foundation of the prosperous online business. To make it work we need to know you better and not miss on a single detail of what you do. It is only possible if we have a throughout conversation. No one knows your company and products better than you do. Although there are tools that are generally applicable when it comes to developing an ecommerce site we need to be as specific as possible. This is what we need to gather to set your ecommerce platform for a smooth sail:

  • Products you offer and how we can implement this information in our web development strategy;
  • The audience you plan to attract;
  • What search requests your potential clients may use to solve their specific problem;
  • How to optimize the content on your webpage, build an easy navigation and appropriate site structure.

Responsive design

Every fourth web search is done from a smart phone or a tablet. It means a crucial part of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices. It’s important to understand that having an ecommerce platform requires responsive design. Online stores made going shopping accessible around the clock from any place on Earth, so why don’t we make our platform accessible from every device whether it’s someone looking for a wedding dress from a smart phone in their bed or surfing the website in a desktop version?

  • We understand behavior of mobile users and implement simpler enquiry forms and overall more user-friendly design for your webpage;
  • Meet the needs of mobile users and not let the rankings of your website suffer;
  • Make visitors return to the website if they were satisfied with their user experience;
  • Convert more visitors into buyers.

Satisfied customers

Once we established that the positive experience of your soon-to-be clients is your bread butter let’s think about how we can make their visit on your ecommerce platform even more pleasant.

We want to make this a win-win situation. Your customers won’t have to go through a complicated registration process, and having an account will provide them with useful recommendation. Whereas for it will mean stimulating purchases and new information about your target audience.

Let’s make shopping easier and your revenue higher

Easy navigation

Statistically speaking every third your visitors comes to your site to take an action which is to make a purchase. We believe that with a smooth running convenient platform other two out of three visitors will be at least considering the possibility to buy now. But how do we make it happen? Let visitors look for what they want the easiest way – through a well structured navigation system:

  • Functional, available and easy search;
  • Features of your choices like autocomplete and recommendations;
  • Faceted search allowing your visitors to narrow their search and letting them find exactly what they want.

Staying safe

Online shopping is trending all over the world. But when we look at the numbers, we find out that only every tenth purchase is made online. Though there may be many reasons why the majority of people don’t shop online, we assume that they mostly worry about their security on an ecommerce platform. Everyone is very careful with their money and personal data, so we’ll make everything possible to make your customers feel safe:

  • Encrypting information about credit cards, payment, address, phone number etc.;
  • Ensuring that customers trust you with their information;
  • Complying with requirements for any business that accepts credit card payments.

Optimizing site performance

Sad, but true: 40% of visitors abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to open. It’s especially true for mobile device users. Look, they have other pages open and multiple apps to distract themselves instead of waiting for your web site to load. Moreover Google doesn’t really favor slow websites that will make your rankings suffer. Fortunately we know how to improve site performance:

  • Compress images;
  • Provide best visuals at the smallest possible size;
  • Reduce downloading time;
  • Use caching to reduce the time while web server and the database server exchange data.
Additional services

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