Dental site development

Want to stand out among other dental businesses? We have a solution

  • Customized strategy
  • Improved user experience
  • Higher conversion

A dental practice may be a very profitable business. But what are the chances that your potential customers will choose you among other similar businesses? In the era of the Internet they will probably rely on search engines results. Your dental site needs the right development strategy – something we can help you with.

a site customized for the needs of a dental practice, higher conversion rate

Let's expand your
business together!

Let's provide your future clients with the best experience

We know what makes working with a dental practice special

First impression matters
Get your visitors hooked from the first sight
Get people interested
Make visitors stay longer
Reach out to your audience
Speak to them through website elements
Show that you care
Implement design responsive to all devices
Leave visitors satisfied
Improve the usability of your site
Visitors to clients
Make your visitors take action

Just what your dental business needs

Getting to know each other

We know how to handle the cases when we work on development of dental websites. However we find that the best possible approach is to treat every case individually even though there are techniques and methods that work just fine for dental practices in general. We think that your business and its history are unique. And every little detail that makes it unique is something that will make a big difference for us while developing your website. We want to find out:

  • What your business is all about, the information, products, or services you offer, the market niche your company occupies;
  • Your target audience and their needs;
  • What your current goals are.

Understanding the importance of dental site development

Although running a dental practice is deemed by many as very profitable, we know how much work it takes to gain trust of your potential patients. Having the right website has never been as important as now. Your website is the face of your dental practice, your chance to make a good first impression and further on to turn your visitors into your patients.

  • We know what makes working with a dental practice different;
  • We know how to create and maintain good online reputation of a medical company;
  • You will find out about each and every benefit you get from having a customized website development concept;
  • We let you do what you do best while we take care of your website.

Defining basic requirements

A medical practice is a very special type of business. Together we need to work on many things: gaining trust of your potential clients, offering them useful information, satisfying them with improved user experience, and making them take an action. We know what it takes to achieve our goals:

  • Mobile-friendly design;
  • Links to social media;
  • Enhanced patient engagement and easy interaction with your dental practice;
  • Wisely used calls to action;
  • High quality written content that in your case may include answers FAQ about your services and related healthcare problems and photos that let your future patients take a quick office tour.

It's time to get the best out of your website

Working on branding

Design is a crucial part of developing a dental website. While working on it we strive to achieve two goals: meet basic requirements for a medical site design and translate your own unique vision. There are symbols and images that are traditionally associated with medicine and dentists, to be more specific. But we must also add up something that makes you you to the mix.

  • We use traditional medical symbols that are recognizable for everyone, but approach them in a new way;
  • We pick best colors associated with the dentist services: bold, but not distracting;
  • We strive for balance and easily understandable elements at any size.

Implementing responsive design

As a business owner you always have to keep up with the changes in your field. First we had to accept that the Internet took over our life and our businesses depend on it. Further on we need to recognize the importance of meeting the needs of mobile device users. Every fourth search now is made from a mobile device; and it’s only smart to develop a mobile version of your site to gain traffic.

  • Understanding behavior of mobile users and implementing simpler enquiry forms and overall more user-friendly design for your webpage;
  • Meeting the needs of mobile users and not letting the rankings of your website suffer;
  • Making visitors return to the website if they were satisfied with their user experience;
  • Converting more visitors into patients.

Getting along with search engines

Now that we established that you gain most clients from the Internet, we need to pay attention to the medium that makes that interaction possible – search engines. To attract new visitors your site needs to be optimized for search systems. That part is a bit tricky. Search systems like Google are constantly introducing new updates, which makes it hard to keep up. We are aware of it and will do our best to optimize the site for your dental practice including:

  • Figuring out what your potential patients may request while looking for your services;
  • Optimizing the site structure;
  • Letting search engines find your site easier through optimized high quality written content.
Additional services

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