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We create a unique and catchy concept about your offers. A memorable style for your company identification and growth of your business!

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An individual style of you company

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Corporate identity: everyone will recognize you

The unified and memorable style for identification of your company

A unique logo
A graphical element thrashed out to the maximum that makes clients memorise
The professional approach
Creation of accompanying images and concepts will maintain recognition of the brand
We work only with your audience
Searching for targeted audience allows showing special offers only to the customers who are really interested in it
A new level
Moving sales of goods and services to a new advanced level
Multi-vector nature
Corporate identity is developed for several business directions
Your direct benefit
You will be stand out against the competitors and attract a part of their clients to your business

We determine peculiarities and details for your corporate identity

Define tasks

During a meeting we will be able to define exactly what graphical elements and symbols should be used for sales growth. Your knowledge about your potential customers will allow us to make easier to find targeted audience and think of a concept of your future corporate identity.

  • We find out the characteristics of your goods or services;
  • We discuss your vision of the result;
  • We determine main stuctural elements of work which can help to succeed;
  • Primary determination of targeted audience;
  • Possible concept of your corporate identity.

Targeted audience: research, determination, and influence on the structure

On the basis of the inforation given us during a meeting we will reseach your targeted audiece. It will allow us to narrow a list of possible approaches and use only the most effective ones.

  • We determine targeted groups of clients;
  • We find out the featues of every group (gender, age, common interests);
  • We select the most profitable variants for every group (such graphical elements which will clents' attention);
  • We combine the information for getting the most multifunctional methods of style development.

Signing of a contract about corporate identity development

Defining futher action we come to a written agreement. It consists of main directions of our work, a form of return that is quantity and a form of finished prototypes, deals and advertising campaigns etc.

  • Thinking about necessary materials more precisely;
  • Determination of a common concept for style development;
  • Structuring of work;
  • Signing of the contract.

Trademark is a heart of corporate identity

Development of different variants of your trademark

According to a business proposal there are three concepts of a trademark (a logo). They allow solving problems of attracting clients to you goods and services in different ways. You can choose the most successful one among of these concepts.

  • Targeted audience-oriented development of concepts of trademarks;
  • Including your corrections to all variants of the concepts (if it is necessary);
  • Determination of assessment criterion of trademark effectiveness for target groups.

Testing and approval of a trademark for target groups

To ensure maximum effectiveness of the trademark working model and a cooperate identity model, all three variants are tested for target groups. These results show what a version of development is better.

  • Considering three concepts of a trademark;
  • Testing all these concepts for different target groups;
  • The analyses of effectiveness for targeted audience;
  • Structuring the results;
  • Approval of the most effective concept of corporate identity.


Trademark specification for different types of use

When a common strategy is ready, our specialists will begin to create a trademark in different ways. These models will make you easier to conduct any campaign with the developed logo on the Internet and in real printed matters.

  • Following the technical regulations such as proportions and modular grid;
  • Making fields for different blocks;
  • Ranging of a trademark;
  • Development of color palette;
  • Approval of a finished variant;
  • Creation of an electronic version of a trademark which we will be used for your corporate identity.

Development of products with your new trademark

Corporate and business documents

Development of basic forms for your business, using a new style will allow you to emphasize your status. It should lead to reliability and trust of your regular and potential partners and customers.

  • Creation of an official letter form (English version);
  • Creation of an official letter form (Russian version);
  • Creation of an electronic pattern, using your corporate identity.

Branded envelopes; you will advertise your company before opening a letter

Our company creates three types of envelopes. They are the most popular in business and advertising. If you use it, you will attract new clients by recognition of your trademark and corporate identity.

  • Development of E65 envelopes in English and Russian;
  • Development of C5 envelopes in English and Russian;
  • Development of C4 envelopes in English and Russian.

We use different methods in order clients can memprize your style during even the first meeting

We create business cards and other useful things with your corporate identity. It will show your status even at the first meeting.

  • Making a business card in English and in Russian. It will increase company's rating;
  • Making a branded paper folder. It will show your identity during negotiations or meetings;
  • Making anotehr element (it can be clothes, branded cars, decoration of your office etc.).


Collecting all these elements to one brand-book

Creation of a brand-book will safe your time and money in the future. It consists of special symbols, colors and your trademark. You will be always ready for different meetings nd deals which can promote your company. If you have a good and professional brand-book, you will be able to launch any advetising in any agency.

Zexler brand-book includes:

  • The files of every type of your trademark;
  • Technical characteristics which are necessary for reproduction of images in any media;
  • The instruction how to use colors and images for correct reproduction.
Additional services

These are the main services which can attract customers on the Internet. They have many solutions and ensure flow of customers for you.

Servise: Effective graphic elements, 3D images, an individual style ...
Servise: Target audience, catchy advertisement, attractive texts ...
Servise: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart, MODx ...

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