3D Modeling

We create your product in three dimensions for better understanding of your activity. A 3D model shows potential customers all features and help to sell your products

  • Professional 3D artists
  • Objects looks like their original versions
  • 3D realization on a website

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Any website with 3D models becomes more attractive for visitors. Such graphics represents products to the clients much better than 2D images. A visitor can look at 3D model, rotate it and make sure that it is really what he or she looked for.

from 200$
Time Frame: 
2-3 weeks
You will have a high-quality 3D model which can be integrated into a website for catching clients’ attention.

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3D visualization of your products for your potential clients

Representation of your products from professional 3D artists

Creative approach
Your product looks like its original
Online presentation
Visitors see your products’ surface in 3D on a website
Visualization includes motivation
A 3D model induces to buying
One more selling tool
You have an efficient technology to increase sales
3D modeling helps to be the best among your competitors
Attractive design
Your regular and new customers will appreciate your 3D objects

The conception of 3D modeling and using it with your products

The tasks that must be solved by 3D modeling

The first step before making a 3D model is thinking of the aim of it. Such methods are good for those companies which produce cars, houses, technical things etc. It can be any product that potential buyers want to know from every side before purchasing it. There are many people who do not buy things through online shops just because they cannot see goods inside out. 3D modeling resolves this problem and catches those people turning them into customers. If you have a product which can be represented on your website as a 3D model, it’s time to address our 3D artists.

  • We get information about your company, products and aims.
  • It is important to know your preferences, ideas and requirements.
  • We offer our methods for realization of your concept.
  • We discuss the decision and take into account your opinion.

Requirements specifications

Every wish and requirements should be taken into account while creating a 3D-model. That is why we offer to make an agreement where we write all needs and specifications. It helps to realize the idea better. In such a way, a client gets really what he or she needs. Moreover, the agreement has a price and a deadline for designer’s work. In addition, we add the following information:

  • If there is a prepayment or not.
  • What kinds of work are going to be done.
  • Client’s and our conditions.
  • Other rules.

Creation of a draft and other primary work

Taking pictures

Depending on an object our specialist should choose a place for taking pictures. All photos must be qualitative. Every side of the object should be taken into account from 360 degree. The photographer takes into consideration also the following factors:

  • Lighting (artificial or natural).
  • Absence of unnecessary objects.
  • Focusing on details.
  • Clearness of every photograph.

Designer’s time

When pictures are ready the designer takes them and begins his work. The 3D artist looks carefully every photo, gather them and turn all of them into one 3D model. The designer creates a working draft which should be shown to the client.

  • A draft is a primary variant for us and the client.
  • It helps to make changes in time if it is necessary.
  • The client gains some insight of the future 3D-model.
  • We get to know what the client really wants.

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Final changes and the result

Upgrading the 3D-model

When the draft is ready and our client has determined corrections, it’s time to make the best variant of 3D-model. Our designer takes into account all requirements and changes the draft to the best of the ideal. It takes a bit time but have a good effect.

  • Draft modification.
  • Usage of client’s correction.
  • Realization of the ideal 3D-model.

The excellent result on the website

So, the 3D artist has finished his work and the 3D-model is ready to be shown. The next step is for a developer. The 3D-model should be integrated on a website. After that, every user can watch and rotate this cool object in three dimensions.

  • A 3D-model shows your product.
  • Everybody can watch it from different sides.
  • There is no necessity to go to the shop for observation of this product.
  • 3D-model is available on your website for everyone.