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5 tips from professional web developers

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For beginners the web development may be seemed too much complicated and even horrible. But in the reality this field is not more difficult than philosophy or economy. It just has more unfamiliar terms and features which you did not hear before. So we collected for you 5 tips from professional web developers in order for you do not feel so disoriented and to start work right now!

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6 mistakes you make while working on the mobile version of your site

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It is predicted that soon the traffic from mobile devices will take over the traffic from desktop version. But even now you can’t afford no having a mobile version of your site. It’s a mistake that will cost you traffic, customers and profit.

But still despite best intentions to optimize the site for all the devices people keep on making the same mistakes all over again. Let’s go through most common ones:

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How to create your website in WordPress?

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WordPress is the most popular and commonly used content management system (CMS) - around 28 % of Internet bloggers and business owners uses it for creating blogs and websites. It is quite easy to explore and manage it, and the most important that it has free features, plugins and themes. Also WordPress is perfect solution for the total beginners who just have decided to create their own business website or public blog.

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Perfect texts for websites: is there any place for creativity?

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Let's start with the definition. What do we mean by the word "creative"? It means something distinguished by the search and creation of a new one."

Now this word belongs to the creative part of the work of advertisers - the creation of slogans, scripts, ideas and concepts. With respect to texts, creativity is a way of presenting information, characterized by novelty of approach and non-standard solutions.

Creativity is used to attract attention by shocking, facilitating perception, creating a vivid and memorable image of the advertised product or service.

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Web analytics without numbers. How to see the product by user’s eyes

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Analytics doesn't mean only collecting data, it means understanding what is happening.

1. A lot of data is required.

2. People working on products understand and know their users well.

The above statements are mistakes, and the reverse is true. Today we will talk about how the reverse statement for the first mistake can help to correct the unpleasant truth emerging from the fallacy of number two.

The first mistake.

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LSI-copywriting — evolution in writing texts for websites

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Let's imagine that you read an article about the choice of oil for the engine of your car and suddenly notice in the text the words "buy lipstick." This is an outdated but still used SEO method. This method means that keys are added to texts but they can be not suitable for the topic. 
Later, specialists began to try to use the direct entry of keys. This also applies to outdated SEO, although it still works in some areas. 
Now, another method is often used - tracking of technical uniqueness, number of occurrences of keywords, spam of text, etc. 

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Starting your business on the Internet: what problems you can face

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The next generation of users will use the Internet even more progressively, because it will get used to it since childhood.
Therefore, business on the Internet is very profitable now. At first, it seems that start it is not difficult but it is not so easy. It is very difficult to create a successful Internet business that will make a good profit. In terms of complexity, it does not differ from opening of an off-line business.

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Website transfer from http to https

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We have several pieces of advice for you if you want to transfer your website from http to https protocol. Nowadays, many websites use personal transfer of data (login, password, or payment information etc.), so the actual question is website transfer to the safe data communication protocol or HTTPS.

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10 secrets of a marketing landing page

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Landing page has become a huge part of online marketing service. It's the first thing that you have to make for promotion of your business online. It's your main business card in the Internet. Everyone knows that, but how to make this card more attractive for your target clients? It's not a simple task because you should know some psychological factors and their influence on a visitor.

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Development of a Turnkey Website for Sale

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Web development of a turnkey website involves creation of a web-resource from the beginning untill the moment when it will be completely ready for launching. The process of custom web development includes the following steps:

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